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    I've been dying to see this stat and finally found it was at football outsiders the whole time. (these are through week 12 at this point)

    A per possession analysis makes sense on a lot of levels, obviously, and gives you some interesting insight:

    FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | 2011 DRIVE STATS

    Interesting things of note:

    The Saints, Packers & Patriots are really in a league of their own, offensively. But we already knew this.

    The Packers are separating themselves by converting more drives to TDs. They actually punt more often than the Pats or Saints.

    Defensively - the Patriots are last in yards/drive, and 16th in points/drive. We are 28th in drive success rate. We make up for some of these deficiencies by causing turnovers at a higher rate.

    Net points per drive - considering offense and defense, which obviously is a huge statistic - lands us second in the league to only the Packers.

    Only two teams in the league have had less offensive possessions than us. Some can be attributed to our efficient offense and its long drives, obviously some must be attributed to the defense yielding long drives.

    The Patriots in 2007 averaged more than .2 points per possession than the current Packers 2011 team.
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