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    hello dear pats fans, i'm so excited to finally find this place...
    my name is Orly and i live in Israel...i've loved football and the American culture my entire life, but sadly never got to live there. maybe in the near future!
    a few months ago, while at my job in a sports center, i found out something that changed my life: there's a tackle football league in my country, and also a flag football one! maybe even a small tackle one for women. turns out these official leauges have been around for 5-6 years and are funded by the Kraft Family (who are jewish and come to israel alot).
    i continued researching for information, i had a lovely cuddly night in front of the SuperBowl (here it was 01:30-05:00 am) and after the third time i watched a live game at work, i completely fell in love with the game. ever since i'm researching non stop for more info and watching games of the last NFL season.

    the bottom line is that i still don't understand all the rules and i spend all day thinking about it. i ask my american friends to explain to me, but i don't have so many. plus what's the fun of it if they're not hyped obsessed fans of the game like me! hehehe...
    so if someone wants to talk i'd be really happy.
    i feel so good this world still has something so good, awesome, pure and genius like football!
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    thanks guys =] nice to meet you!
    are there more fan groups on the internet or on facebook? it seems like there are only official league pages on facebook, and no groups...

    and about finding games- i only found some torrents of recent games, and they're all slow. where can i find all the games of this season easily? i feel like i'm missing some kind of site where everybody watch... O_O


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