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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Vataha, Sep 9, 2006.

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    Thanks for the info. I actually got a email from the NFL saying the same thing as I bought their Internet radio 'field pass' for $40. From the article :
    "The NFL Game Pass service will be available through Yahoo Inc. for $25 a week or $250 for the 17-week regular season."

    So it sounds like for plunking down two-'fity you don't even get the playoffs! Although in Denmark we get all the playoff games. Sounds abit steep to me. For that chunk of change, I probably could buy a satelite dish and get NASN instead (NASN = National Association of School Nurses). Oops - darn Google. I mean with a satelite dish I could get NASN - North American Sports Network (in Europe) and see baseball, hockey, basketball, and last but not least football. I think I'll pass on this. They saw they are judging demand and maybe if not so many buy it - then the price will come down abit next year. I wonder how fast a internet connection it needs to run smooth?
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    i can't even test the demo version! i've got a broadband line and every time i go to the Yahoo NFL gamepass page the demo doesn't load. I wonder if that's just server problems or a better indication that you'll need more than a 512 kbps line which is what i have.

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