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    Don't these liberal morons realize that as soon as school gets out those kids will eat whatever the hell they want, how long will it be before these "control freak loon ass holes" try to regulate your bowel movements.
    (tell you when you can sh!t)

    In St. Paul schools, the not-so-sweet life |

    "yes dear"
    "teacher said i should sh!t at four thirty"
    "f-ck the teacher"
    "ok mom"
    "yes dear"
    "can i have a twinkie"
    "yes dear, they're on the table with the candy bars, there's a big bowl of doughnuts there too"
    "wow thanks mom, teacher said we couldn't eat sweet sh!t"
    "f-ck the teacher"
    "right mom"

    How will the moron LOONS control Mommy and her doughnuts????
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