Flipper files lawsuit

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    Flipper files lawsuit.

    Flipper along with Ecco have filed a lawsuit against the Miami Football franchise demanding the team name be changed.

    According the court papers, the football team’s pathetic performance has resulted in loss of respect among other sea animals. Even the jellyfish are calling these once respected sea mammals “spineless.”

    The suit is modeled after the ongoing lawsuit Harjo v. Redskins see http://www.indianz.com/News/2005/009353.asp in which native Americans are demanding another football team for a name change.

    Dan Marino ex-QB and CBS blowhard called Flipper “a fair weather fan.” And point out, “both Flipper and Ecco had no problem with the name back in the 70s.”

    Flipper retorted, “We saw no need to make such a demand when the team was not disgracing our species. But that so called football team is making us the laughing stock of the animal kingdom.”

    Officials at the zoo confirm such reports. According to zoo custodian Godell, “I have noticed recently the Jaguars often stick their tongues out in the direction of the dolphin tanks. Also the sea hawks often fly over the tank and taunt the dolphins. Recently even stealing the food that is thrown the dolphins while it is mid-flight.”

    Godell went on to point out the human visitors to the dolphin tanks are drastically down in the past few decades while visits to see the horses particularly colts have been on the rise for the past decade.
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