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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by MVPatsfan13, May 4, 2009.

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    Hello everybody, I found this site a couple months ago and have decided to join up and talk Football(and other NE sports) with other Pats Fans.
    I think the moment I knew I would be a Pats Fan for life was when we beat the dolphins in the last game of the year to keep them out of the playoffs. We had no chance of making the playoffs, but we went out and played a hell of a game and barely won it, all the while keeping a division rival from proceeding to the playoffs. I just remember thinking to myself "the outcome of this game has no meaning for the Pats, but damn ricky williams and those damn dolphins."
    Anyways, I had the chance to go to the Sox-@Yanks game today, but I have finals to study for, so I had to pass it up

    So hello to all, Im sure I'll get into a arguement with you at some point:D
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    If you've been monitoring this board for a while you can already see that it's a pretty good one. Ian and his merry band of Mods do a fine job of keeping us posters in line.

    (We don't have "arguements" here - - - we prefer to think of them as very loud "discussions" that sometimes ruffle feathers and beat dead horses to a pulp.) but then everybody usually moves on to a more deserving football subject. :D

    Welcome to the board, you'll like it.

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