First shot at a rd 1 mock (no trades): DE/OLB Andre Branch, DL Kendall Reyes

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by Elijah, Apr 21, 2012.

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    Decided I would try my hand at a mock draft (throwing in some surprises for the sake of it).

    1. Colts - QB Luck
    2. Redskins - QB Griffin
    3. Vikings - OL Kalil
    4. Browns - RB Richardson
    5. Buccaneers - CB Claiborne
    6. Rams - WR Blackmon
    7. Jaguars - DL Ingram
    8. Dolphins - WR Floyd
    -The Dolphins decide that a WR at market price is more valuable than a huge reach at QB.
    9. Panthers - DL Cox
    10. Bills - OL Reiff
    11. Chiefs - OL DeCastro
    12. Seahawks - LB Kuechly
    13. Cardinals - OL Glenn
    -Cardinals also pass on Tannehill because they figure Kolb deserves another chance.
    14. Cowboys - DL Coples
    15. Eagles - CB Gilmore
    -If Tannehill falls to 15, I think based on recent team comments the Eagles would pass.
    16. Jets - DL Poe
    -Jets take Poe over Barron based on potential.
    17. Bengals - CB Kirkpatrick
    18. Chargers - LB Upshaw
    19. Bears - S Barron
    -An unlikely landing spot for Barron but I think at this spot he's the BPA by quite a bit, except for maybe Brockers who the Bears do not need.
    20. Titans - CB Jenkins
    -A bit of a reach. This is where I would put a trade, but predicting trades is even more of a crapshoot than predicting picks.
    21. Bengals - WR Wright
    22. Browns - QB Tannehill
    -Similar to Brady Quinn back in the day, and I predict similar results.
    23. Lions - OL Adams
    24. Steelers - LB Hightower
    25. Broncos - DL Brockers
    -This plummet is mostly because even though some teams above could have used him, there were better players available and thus he was passed on quite a few times.
    26. Texans - OL Martin
    -The Texans front office makes a smart move picking a tackle instead of Stephen Hill, but fans will be pissed.
    27. Patriots - DL/LB Branch
    -Although they would like to wait for Branch at 31 or 48, they snag him here just in case GB wanted him.
    28. Packers - DL/LB McClellin
    -Everyone on this forum would commit suicide if McClellin was taken right after the Pats pick.
    29. Ravens - WR Hill
    30. 49ers - DL Worthy
    31. Patriots - DL Reyes
    -Seems like the Pats would rather take Reyes than Still. Gut feeling.
    32. Giants - TE Fleener

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