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First quarter exponentially sets the table

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Patsman, Dec 4, 2007.

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    Oct 22, 2007
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    So much for *****slapping Baltimore.

    Billick basically said they were going to attempt to do something no other team has done with the Pats, run it at them and be physical into the 4th quarter and just punch them in the face. That obviously worked last night. The thing is, if the offense is clicking immediately, it basically pushes the opposing team to keep up, which most teams can't do, especially mistake free. What sets the table for this team to dominate is the offense and the offense early. I still think Ben's drop in the end zone really shifted the momentum for the outcome of this game. (ultimatley, two dropped TD's last night with Randy dropping one as well). If we force the opposition into a state of chasing and they can't run, we can blow teams out. Make no mistake, this offense dictates the game. The first half of this game reminded me a lot of the Colts game in that the NE offense wasn't working and it allowed the Colts to run the ball, keep the offense off the field, and dictate the pace of the game. The offense churning in the first quarter is the difference between a blowout and a close game.

    Some other thoughts:

    What is the deal with us rushing the ball - we can't do it lately. Is it the line or is it Maroney? If there is one thing Laurence doesn't seem like he can do is make himself small. He's not one of those guys that can squirt through tackles. He almost looks like he runs too wide. McGahee is a guy that can do that, just when you think he's down, the guy squirts forward for another 2-3 yards.

    What scared me more than anything in that game is seeing a team that could shut down both Moss and Welker.

    Well, now the entire planet sees us as coming back down to earth and beatable. Check another board. Perspective is an interesting thing - you set expectations and if you're not blowing people out, now you're this very beatable team. The Pittsburgh game will be an interesting one, for both teams. Can Pitt show they can win on the road? Can the Pats basically go in and be dominant against what everyone is calling a team that peferctly fits within the blueprint to beat this team.
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