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    ....aren't necessarily the correct impressions, but they are.

    1. I strongly feel that BB was trying to get off the field with the Browns within 10 points. Once the they got the ball inside the 10 they ran the ball with Eckles, litterally telling the Browns they were just running out the clock.

    I don't think you will see that kind of compassion when they play the Jets.

    2. I think the Pats had a real reason to throw the flag on that "fumble" by Anderson. I don't know how they could rule that a "forward pass" even if he was trying to throw it underhanded. Again I think BB didn't care at that point.

    3. BTW- wasn't that an obvious hold on Kyle Brady on the forth down play???

    4. I had to laugh, thinking about all the Bettors going nuts when the Pats were just running the ball up the middle in that last series inside the Browns 10. THEN you could just hear the audible sigh of relief when Gay ran back the punt, giving all the Pats bettors a cover....or was it just a roar of disgust from all those "smart" guys who took the points. :D

    5. I like the Browns as they go on in the future. I thought Anderson played well. The only throw that was really a bad decision was the first one in the Pats red zone. BUT for just his 7th start, he played solidly against a very good defense. BB said in the pregame, that because he's a young QB with a lot of talent, you get the great play right along with the occasional throws that make you go, HUH? I thought that was right on. Anderson is going to be a pretty good NFL QB.

    I thought their OL was very good overall in getting some time for him. Most of the time the sacks were successful because of the scheme, rather than guys just getting beat. The OL also did a decent job getting some movement in the run game.

    I thought that losing Lewis actually helped the Browns running game. The Pats historically do very well against big power backs, while having more problems with the quick slashers like LT or in this case Wright.

    On the defensive side they have a nice young group of LBs, and a good young set of DBs. Clearly they need to improve on the DL, but you can't do everything at once. I hope they give Romeo another few years, because if they do, they will be rewarded with a consistant playoff contender.

    6. Its hard to say that a guy with 3 TDs and no picks had a bad game, but relative to the other 4 games, Tom had a bad game. ;) The only way the Pats offense was stopped in this game was do to themselves. Drops, missed passes, penalties, were pretty much the only way that the Pats were stopped. That 3rd quarter was positively painful to watch on offense.

    I can only smile thinking that Brady feels he sucked this game and will REALLY show the world what he's about next week against Dallas. :D

    7. Speaking of the offense: We started to see the start of the Stallworth era. He has a great sense of YAC, and is a threat everytime he catches the ball to go all the way. We also saw why he's a very good WR, not a great one. He has good hands, just not great ones, and he'll drop an occassional ball.

    8. The Browns tried to blanket Moss with several kinds of double coverage and also concentrated on being very physical with Welker. BOTTOM LINE : Stallworth and Watson get close to 200 yds in passing and Welker and Moss STILL get a few catches.

    9. The conversion of Randy Moss is complete. Did you check out that play where he makes not just one block...but TWO.

    10. This was a perfect game for BB to go into next week with. They win a game comfortably, yet he has MORE than enough film to say to his team. "if execute like this, you WILL NOT win down in Dallas".

    11. Nice to see Tedy make some PLAYS. Even NICER was seeing AD back on the field in the 2nd half after being helped off the field in the first half.

    12. Its OK to start the Chris Hanson watch. The Pats might not look like they need a punter, but sometime this season we are going to need some consistency back there. BTW- Where is Josh Miller?

    13. Ulimately it is really frightening to think that after playing a pretty bad offensive game, their WORST of the season, this offense still managed to put up 27 points. I'd hate to be the DC having to face this team when they "finally" put this offense together ;)
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    Re: First impressions....

    1. On running on 4th down and limiting the lead within 10 points, the pats have done that in preceding games. They've gone for it on 4th down where they could have kicked a field goal.

    My three observations:

    1. in the past couple weeks and today they haven't worked the ball much to Welker on underneath routes. I feel they need to get back to doing that.

    2. I feel Morris wore down just a little bit, not much, but I feel he is more effective when his carries are shared with Maroney.

    3. I think the offense definitely missed Koppen today and the sputters on offense can be attributed to his absense.
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    Re: First impressions....

    Good stuff, Ken.

    Every teams suffers 'down' periods - sounded like Brady totally lost his mojo for a series or two during the game, but its not such a big deal.

    As much as we'd love the Patriots to operate like a machine, they are somethimes guilty of playing down to the opposition - its natural enough, just like those games where we played outstanding against the big teams when it really mattered (RAMS SB, 2x Colts, 2x Steelers etc etc).

    I though the running game was a nice bonus today - alot of teams wouldn't be able to run the ball at all if they lost their starting RB and their C along with him.

    Another 3 TD's for Brady.

    Nice to see us to prove what has been said all season - you shut down Moss and we'll punish you with our other weapons - namely Watson and Stallworth.

    This should provide an interesting dilemna for other teams in the coming weeks - a real 'pick your posion' scenario.

    I doubt i'll ever read another gameday thread every again - what a bunch of chicken little trolls we have in there - we are only leading by 17...the sky is falling!
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    Re: First impressions....

    Does anyone else seem to think that we are more dangerous @ the 20 then we are @ the 10?
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    Re: First impressions....

    fans are definitely spoiled. i even have to admit that i felt like the pats should have rolled over the browns and was waiting for the moss deep bomb.

    next week should be a good test.
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    Re: First impressions....

    That was the worse punting game i've seen since you know who! I think if Baugher didnt screw up after being released, he might have been back! But not now.
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    Re: First impressions....

    I feel the exact same way. We always seem more likely to score when we're not deep in the red zone for some reason.
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    Re: First impressions....

    The Patriots broadcasters and Brady seemed to realize that the team had an off game. They must be trolls too.:rolleyes:
  10. MrBigglesWorth

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    Re: First impressions....

    The punting was exposed because he actually had to punt multiple times today versus the previous 4 games. wasn't it windy also?
  11. livinginthe past

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    Re: First impressions....

    Hey Deus.

    You see where I actually stated in my post that there were 'down periods' in the game?

    That deosn't make me a troll, just like it doesn't make the announcers or Brady 'trolls'.

    Im talking about the people who take a period of poor play and extrapolate it into 'something major is going wrong' or 'this team is toast when we play someone decent'.

    Maybe you can see the difference, maybe you can't.

    Acknowledging bad play isn't the same as throwing the towel in.

    And this bizarre habit some people have here of overly accentuating the positive in other teams while doing the opposite for our own is baffling and frustrating to read.
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  12. MrBigglesWorth

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    Re: First impressions....

    Last week it was panic mode when the Pats were only up by 10 in the first quarter. it was ludicrous
  13. MoLewisrocks

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    Re: First impressions....

    I didn't see anyone arguing that point. They also acknowledged why, and weren't hysterical about it like the sky is falling tilly's in the game thread or incredulously blaming it on the playcalling. Teams can't bring their A game every week. The test of a champion is to win anyway. When you win by 17 anyway that's a really good big picture sign. You must have missed that part.

    And as they also pointed out this was a great win because it provides Bill will several more servings of Humble pie that he will serve them ice cold with nothing to wash it down but more film of inconsistent execution. Which is just what they need to be mindful of heading into Dallas.
  14. 5 Rings for Brady!!

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    Re: First impressions....

    I agree. But I can't even bring myself to say that they suffered a down period, I think the Pats just had another day at the office, and they just couldn't find a lot of motivation to dominate the Browns, in comparison to the game last week or next week.

    Brady usually has a couple games a year when he looks sloppy, the difference this year so far is the complete lack of INTs when he has a less than focused game.

    So everything is fine, and next week will be a different, more motivated day at the office.
  15. Deus Irae

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    Re: First impressions....

    I didn't claim you were a troll. You were the one calling others that. I cited to Brady and the announcers to illustrate how stupid that part of your post was.

    Something was going wrong, and, if the team plays next week as poorly as they played this week, they will lose the game.

    That's been my point all along. The koolaid drinkers didn't seem to understand that. The team played its worst game of the season. Acting as if they didn't is just silly.

    The Patriots just played their worst game of the season in the week before going up against what is currently the best team in the NFC, and doing it on the road. Only the blind don't look at that as a problem, and there's nothing wrong with looking at that as something to be very concerned about. I personally am quite confident that next week will be a much better executed game by the Patriots, but I can understand why others would be concerned.
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    Re: First impressions....

    And there was "selfish" Randy Moss, after a quiet game with 3 catches and no TDs, whooping it up on the sideline as if he'd scored all 34 pts himself. :)
  17. Deus Irae

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    Re: First impressions....

    I think you're misunderstanding me. I'm not surprised that the team had an off game, and I'm not in any kind of panic about it. However, the playcalling was suspect at times, Brady missed some easy passes to wide open receivers, the defense allowed Cleveland to move the ball far too easily, the punting sucked, and the kicker put one out of bounds. They won while playing poorly and they left plenty of things for BB to hammer them about all week. Fankly, I'm close to thrilled by how it worked out. I'm just not going to bash people for seeing the obvious and coming to a less rosy conclusion about it.
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  18. MrBigglesWorth

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    Re: First impressions....

    did Kevin Faulk even play in the second half?

    I think people are underestimating the loss of Koppen for this game
  19. livinginthe past

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    Re: First impressions....

    What I was attempting (obviously unsuccessfully) to do right there was group myself with those who admit we had poor periods of play today.

    By putting myself in the group with Brady and announcers I demonstrated how we are not part of the same group you are attempting to put us in to.

    Brady (who doesn't really count because he is paid to have a deliberately down to earth attitude - as are all Patriots players), the announcers and I do not believe that beating the Browns (with poor periods of poor play inclusive) is a portent of sudden impending doom against a Cowboys team that cant defend the pass.

    Here is the extrapolation I am talking about - what evidence do you have, in the years of Belichick being HC, do you have of our team putting the same quality of performance out against no-hopers and challengers alike?

    We have made a pleasing habit of raising our game when it really matters, against the teams that really are a threat.

    You can't go balls-out every week - the team aren't machines no matter how often you read that they are on ESPN.

    Not many people are pretending that there aren't areas that need to be worked on before next week.

    Worst game of the season?

    Maybe so, but putting up 34 points and beating a very generous betting handicap while putting out your 'seasons worst' is something that should give comfort.

    It shouldn't lead to portents of impending doom about the Dallas game.

    So you are confident that we can execute better next week?

    So im conversing with someone who is playing devils advocate here?

    Hope you aren't one of those guys who thinks the playcalling sucks when we don't get 7 every time we drive.

    I think every Patriots fan should have to support a poor team (from another sport, if required) for a qualifying period of not less than 2 years.

    Then they can come back and realise how lucky they are - and thank the lord for their new found 'perspective'.

    Bring on the 'Boys.
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    Re: First impressions....

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