First human injected in human embryonic stem cell trial

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    First human injected in human embryonic stem cell trial – The Chart - Blogs

    Geron is releasing very few details about the patient, but will say that the first person to receive cells derived from human embryonic stem cells was enrolled in the FDA-approved clinical trial at the Shepherd Center, a spinal cord and brain injury rehabilitation hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. This person was injected with the cells on Friday.

    To be eligible, patients have to have suffered what's called a complete thoracic spinal cord injury, which means no movement below the chest. While patients can still move their arms and breathe on their own, they are complete paraplegics; they have no bowel or bladder control and can't move their legs.
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    omfg..... they r killing fetuses!!!

    This is great to see...... I hope it works. If it works the study will expand and it will piss off the pro-lifers that I hate so much.

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