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First and second years starters/impact players.....

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by NewFeep, Nov 15, 2010.

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    I'm not really qualified to do this but here goes..... I know all the high quality posters will help out and clarify this post if it has legs......

    Second year starters:

    Patrick Chung: Physical force
    Sebastion Vollmer: The Berlin wall
    Darius Butler: ????
    Ron Brace: thought he was a bust
    Sean Crable: ditto
    Brandon Tate: looks like a STer only but does make some catches

    First year starters:

    McCourty: I wanted an OLB, but love this kid
    Gronker: Gonna be a great all around TE for years
    Hernandez: Smooooth as silk
    Spikes: he's gonna get better and better
    Deadarick: where did BB find this steal?
    The Zoltan: Nuff said.......

    Players from another planet visiting?

    Danny "Gumby" Woodhead
    BJGE: hits the hole and keeps on driving till buried
    Kyle Arrington: was he drafted by anyone? Love the way he hits

    This seems to me to be an extremely young mix of talent. I don't follow any other teams close enough to tell for sure but BB seems to get the most out of young players. (7 - 2) speaks for itself.......
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