Fire McDaniels before its too late

Discussion in 'The Practice Squad' started by Triumph, Jan 20, 2014.

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    .......huh? You're of the opinion they abandoned the run too quickly and have the audacity to talk to me like I'm mentally challenged, but you believe they should have ran more by throwing the ball? Brilliant.

    I want you to go look at the play-by-play of the first half of the game and tell me where they could have ran the ball more. By the time the Patriots got the ball back in the second half, they were down 3-20. The Patriots still tried to use the running game on the next drive.. a drive that was killed off by a sack.

    Not until the 4th quarter, when New England finally had to abandon the running game, did they score a TD. Same with next drive. A TD with only one running play.

    The offense didn't have an opportunity to play the style they wanted. The Broncos had too many clock killing drives. When a team has their two longest drives of the season in one game, they are winning. The Broncos were the better team, and the coaching staff knew. Brady was the only way they could win. It didn't work out.
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    He has only been the OC for one of them.
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    While McDaniels is some of the worst in the NFL the biggest problem is the choice of players by the GM. The talent level on this team has steadily gone down since 2007. BB is a great coach most of the time but he needs to be fired as the GM. Problem is Kraft doesn't have either the balls of the insight to do that. Until that happens the Pats will never win another SB.
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    Yeah, Kraft should 'fire' the GM. I'm sure he would stick around to coach if that were to happen.

    Too bad Kraft doesn't have 'the balls of the insight' to fire Belichick. This team has gone downhill ever since Kraft bought it.

    The team has gone downhill since 2007 but somehow magically appeared in three AFC Championship games and a Super Bowl since. All winning seasons. I mean, really, what's next, an 11-5 season and another championship game appearance? Who's at the wheel? Heads should roll.

    The problem is no talent. Mayo, Wilfork, Gronkowski, Vollmer and Spikes all went stat-less in the playoffs. Unacceptable.
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    I have found the "parallel universe" that I have heard about....

    One might think that this is a Cleveland Browns Message Board...

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