Finding a gem in the WR free agency list (more realistic options)

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by supafly, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. supafly

    supafly Supporter Supporter

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    It's my opinion that this team will not spend the kind of money necessary for a "bigger name" WR who many here clamor for, so I would instantly cross someone like D.Bowe/G.Jennings off the list pretty much immediately. Others may feel differently, but I just think that there are many hints to the contrary in the past with this kind of system (not to mention Belichick's feelings), and I also believe that both re-signing some of our own + the needs on defense would prevent us from going after one of these 10 million dollar guys due to financial factors.

    It's also my opinion that although we'll almost certainly be drafting at least one WR in the upcoming draft, but in 9/10 times that WR is going to be a developmental prospect of sorts for the first year. That is simply due to the complexity of the offense and other variables that go into it. Belichick tends to prefer many of the proven vets at this position, so free agency in terms of a middle to lower tier will need to be explored for options here too.

    Obviously, the Welker situation (along with the Edelman situation) is an important factor to keep in mind. That said, here are some of the prospects for "rejuvenation," and some that may still be growing and progressing. Many have speed, hands, or at least some of the skills that are needed to be a somewhat productive WR, but have not shown enough of the overall quality to be in the list of elites. Many do not, and were overhyped to begin with.

    In other words, we may once again look to the FA list in terms of cost efficiency and trying to turn rocks (some of them shiny rocks) into gold. We all want more of a downfield threat, not to mention a physical presence. Here are some of the middle/lower tiered players who can potentially stretch the field and/or offer a more physical presence:

    ---Louis Murphy (CAR)
    ---Johnnie Knox (CHI) EDIT: may not be a FA due to remaining on PUP for the 2012 season like M.Pryor
    ---Josh Cribbs (CLE)
    ---M.Massaquoi (CLE)
    ---Donnie Avery (IND)
    ---Devery Henderson (NO)
    ---Ramses Barden (NYG)
    ---Dominic Hixon (NYG)
    ---Jerome Simpson (MIN)
    ---Brian Hartline (MIA)
    ---Ted Ginn (SF)
    ---Brandon Gibson (STL)
    ---Steve Smith (STL, not CAR)
    ---Derek Hagan (OAK)
    ---Legadu Nannee (FA)

    We also have the "usual suspects" of the following, but who are already pretty much crossed off the list due to obvious reasons:

    ---Braylon Edwards
    ---Plaxico Burress
    ---Terrell Owens
    ---Randy Moss
    ---Mark Clayton
    ---Mike Williams
    ---Mike Sims-Walker
    ---Lee Evans

    We can also assume that these following WR free agents will command too much money or are RFA's, so they would not fall into this category of middle/lower tiered:

    ---Greg Jennings
    ---Mike Wallace
    ---Dwayne Bowe
    ---Danny Amendola
    ---Victor Cruz (RFA)
    ---Emanuel Sanders (RFA)

    Does anyone have any idea or opinons on any of these "lesser" free agent WRs who may be more realistic and cost effective? The WR corps is pretty much depleted, so we're somewhat likely to be signing someone off of this list at some point in time.

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  2. patsfaninpa

    patsfaninpa In the Starting Line-Up

    If we don't keep Welker, my replacement idea would be Percy Harvin. He's not a free agent. He's entering the last year of his contract. Will be a UFA after the 2013 season. Has had some beefs with Minny Coach Leslie Frazier. Cap hit is only 2.6m. I'd trade a 3 or 4 to get him if he passes physical. Has had concussion issues in the past and season ended early because of ankle injury. Would also draft one in the 2nd. Quinton Patton or Markus Wheaton. Gives us 2 speedy guys on the outside. If Harvin doesn't work out, hopefully the rookie is ready to take on a bigger role in 2014.
  3. RIpats88

    RIpats88 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    I think Hartline would be a stud with brady throwing to him....the guy had 1000 yards with Ryan Tanehill throwing the ball.
  4. mayoclinic

    mayoclinic Supporter Supporter


    The idea that the Vikings would trade Percy Harvin to us for a 3rd or 4th round pick is pretty far-fetched, IMHO, to put it nicely. Minny may not trade him at all, and if they do, they won't give him away.

    Leslie Frazier expects Percy Harvin to return to Vikings -
    Minnesota Vikings GM has
  5. Deus Irae

    Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter

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    Just an FYI....

    Given recent developments, the already-discussed-elsewhere Titus Young will probably soon be a free agent.
  6. supafly

    supafly Supporter Supporter

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    I too would have concerns that wouldn't be nearly enough to get it done.

    It is certainly a decent idea, and would bring not only an upgrade, but plenty of excitement to the position too.

    I think we'd be looking at least at a 2nd, plus even a potential additional player or pick.
  7. mayoclinic

    mayoclinic Supporter Supporter

    Personally, I wouldn't want him even for free. He would be subtraction by addition, IMHO.
  8. supafly

    supafly Supporter Supporter

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    He fits perfectly into this grouping for some (IMO). Lots of talent, a high upside, but yet certain concerns that don't make him a sure thing.

    He could potentially be the kind of player that we'd have taken this year or last year in a very early round, yet we wouldn't have to spend that kind of high price or high pick to acquire him.

    Of course there are questions with him, but that is the premise of the thread..finding a gem in a group of questionable concerns that may be much more realistic than going after a high priced FA.
  9. patsfaninpa

    patsfaninpa In the Starting Line-Up

    We got a hall of fame receiver for a 4th round pick in a similiar situation. And, a very good cb in a similiar situation for a 4th. Why far-fetched?? This article says signs point to him leaving minny. If he plays the season out and signs somewhere else in 2014 they will get a 2015 3rd rounder. A 3rd rounder this year is much more valuable than one two years from now if he's leaving.

    Signs point to Percy Harvin leaving Vikings | ProFootballTalk
  10. supafly

    supafly Supporter Supporter

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    That was my initial thought when Deus originally brought up the idea about a month ago, but after re-consideration I have come to the conclusion that he may very well be worth a flier considering the need, upside, and low risk.
  11. supafly

    supafly Supporter Supporter

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    I would be somewhat interested in Johnnie Knox too, but I think that he is in the same position as Myron Pryor, meaning that since he was left on PUP for the duration of the year, he is NOT a free agent this year like he and Pryor were supposed to be.

    He probably should be crossed off the list. I'm almost 100% certain after thinking it over.
  12. Deus Irae

    Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter

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    I hear you, and I'm mostly in that camp, now. I just thought he made sense to bring up as a possible FA listing because it seems he might well be a FA soon. Having him and Lllllllllllloyd on the same team would be a potential disaster, and I just don't see BB finding that to be a powderkeg worth dealing with.

    Donnie Avery, on the other hand, might be worth a price check. He drops a lot of passes but, if you bring back Welker, Avery might be in interesting fit as the WR3 in certain packages, and he'd allow a WR draftee (round 1 or high 2, please!) to work into the lineup slowly.
  13. I.M. Fletcher

    I.M. Fletcher On the Game Day Roster

    The issue is that Harvin had an incredible season before going down with injury. Whether or not he has had issues, all the other people you mentioned were castoffs that no other team wanted to touch. Percy harvin would find a home on 30 other teams as well.
  14. supafly

    supafly Supporter Supporter

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    I wouldn't imagine that mayoclinic is against your idea, just that the proposed trade compensation would be too low.

    The difference in this case vs Moss is that Randy Moss was coming off a season where he had basically disappeared, and even his HC claimed that he quit on them and had nothing left in the tank.

    Harvin, on the other hand, is one of the NFL's up and coming young talents in several phases of the game. Percy Harvin is surely worth at least a 2nd round pick, if not more.

    If it came down to it, I would love the move. It just doesn't really fall into the category that I brought up in the thread idea, not that I mind at all talking about it in the least. I think he would bring an awesome young talent + speedy presence that could be used in many formations and different areas.
  15. JMC00

    JMC00 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Them signing Hartline and Gibson would be imo the ideal signings at WR.

    Gibson, while he hasn't put up huge numbers, he has been consistent with Bradford as his QB. McDaniels has a season of familiarity with him. He may not be that field stretching threat but he seems to be a guy that could fit into that go up and get it physical receiver category.
  16. mayoclinic

    mayoclinic Supporter Supporter

    You have my blessing to trade a 3rd or 4th round pick for Harvin if you can do it. Good luck. And Harvin would also want a long term deal as part of any trade, with a much bigger cap hit.
  17. goheels22002

    goheels22002 Supporter Supporter

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    He's a complete head case. He's been disciplined every year since 2008. Too bad, he's talented and tough. I don't see him in New England.
  18. Bhelmet

    Bhelmet Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    By similar situation, do you mean a guy at the end of his career or a guy who could be 1/2 way through his?
  19. supafly

    supafly Supporter Supporter

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    See, I wonder if I'm just not getting into a desparation mode where it's actually starting to make sense?

    As much as I was insanely against the idea in the beginning, I think that it's going to take a guy like this, although maybe not with the character concern issues...

    The prospect of him coming here on a cheaper deal with a high upside and good measurables for at least TC would be hard to pass up. A higher 2nd rd pick with extremely minimal risk, if any, should it come down to it.

    If it doesn't work out, they should have a feel pretty early on as to his attitude/character concerns, and he could be released like the rest of the FA WR's who haven't worked out.
  20. Brady_to_Moss

    Brady_to_Moss Butler Island is here Supporter

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    young is very very immature..all about himself..i will pass
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