Finally, the Patriots are underdogs!

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by TB=TD, Nov 10, 2011.

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  1. TB=TD

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  3. slash83

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    Ohh happy days..
  4. Brady_to_Moss

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    As everyone should pick the jets..they are the better team right now..don't expect a win a all on sunday night..but who knows

    Good thing about expecting them to lose and the jets having an inside track at division...don't get mad when they actually do lose and very excited when the win
  5. TheBostonStraggler

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    In the first handful of years of the BB era, the Patriots were underdogs more often than newer fans can probably imagine. Posters (on the AOL board) would actually get nervous when the Patriots were favored in critical games.
  6. Rob0729

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    It's ironic how this season is shaping up. Three weeks ago, the Patriots were the cream of the AFC and the Jets were in trouble. Now people are talking about the Jets walking away with the division. Two weeks ago the Steelers were the clear cut favorites in the AFC and the Ravens' offense were going to sink the team. Now the Ravens are considered by most the favorites. Before last week, the Giants were a fraud 5-2 team and haven't beaten anyone and now considered a top 3-5 team in the NFL a week later.

    Basically, this year is such a roller coaster, all these "expert" picks don't mean crap. Two weeks from now, the who conference will likely to look difference again.

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    We should be underdogs.

    They're playing better football than us last few weeks. Furthermore sweeping a division rival is hard even when the other team sucks. And the Jets are far from a terrible team
  8. Rob0729

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    I agree. They were never favored in 2001. They were favored a lot in 2002 early, but that fell away. In 2003, they were already considered one hit wonders and even the local media were sleeping on this team and it wasn't until December they realized that we had something special in New England (well, it didn't help with the entire October and November being all about the A-Rod trade that never happened but dissected daily on WEEI).
  9. Angry Man

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    Good... that means it'll be that much more satisfying when we win. :D
  10. PatsFan24

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  11. TB=TD

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    The end of times:eek:
  12. goheels22002

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    Fairly typical (without the vulgarity of some of those posters) of the sentiment at - the most complete source of New York Jets information from a poster who goes by the name of ctjetsguy:

    "This is (the Jets) chance to metaphorically put our foot on the collective neck of the Patriots. If we win this game, there's no reason we can't be 10-3 going into the last three weeks of the season (don't think we'll lose to Denver, Kansas City, or Washington, leaving the Bills, who we clearly match up well with, as the most challenging game). I have a great feeling about this weekend's game just like I did this past game. JetLife should be rocking. The Pats D is suspect at best. I fully expect Rex to pull out all stops this week and come with the most complex game plan we've seen thus far. To quote a man who needs no mentions, "CAN'T WAIT". "

    I like that they are getting ahead of themselves over there.
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  13. Rob0729

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    Three weeks ago, they were talking about what they need to do to get the 6th seed because that was the best they could hope for and many people expected the Pats to walk away with the division. Now they are talking 10-3.

    Last week was an impressive win for them, but it was the first win by the Jets against a team with a winning record but many people think the Bills are starting to come down to earth (really can't say that until they do, but they have lost two out of the last three and three out of the last five). The Pats aren't much better in this area since they are 2-3 against teams with winning records. So neither are doing great against the better competition in the league.

    I don't really know what to make of the Jets' three game winning streak. Is it that they pulled it together or just played shotty competition? They are built on swagger so it definitely helps them. But the Chargers are declining fast and their defense is falling apart plus Rivers is mediocre this year and I mean for an NFL QB, not just him. The Dolphins could have won that game if they had a legitimate QB because the Dolphins actually outplayed the Jets in the first half, but stupid errors by Moore killed them including that pick six on what looked to be an impressive drive up to that point.

    My biggest questions about their team is still on offense, but the Bills' defense isn't very good (other than their ability to make turnovers) and the Chargers' pass defense is miserable now too. Their opposing QB passer rating is worse than the Pats' is. Antoine Cason was responsible for giving up all three TD passes to Burress and he is so bad that he has been benched. I think we know that at least the Jets' pass defense is good, but is their improvements on offense more to do with getting better or worse competition?

    One thing about that Jets' fan's post, the Jets shouldn't sleep on the Chiefs. I don't know if they are good team, but they are definitely a team with potential of sneaking a win.
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