Final "Turd Watch" Numbers

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by ShrewBeer, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. ShrewBeer

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    for those of you who dont know, the turd watch is a compilation of a points system for all charges and arrests brought to nfl players and personnel per team. i did a search and did not find a previous post, but merge if necessary. anyway, the final numbers for '07 as per

    The first thing that jumped out at me when reading the numbers was that the team with the best record has the fewest arrests and the team with the worst record had the most. Upon further inspection, the correlation seems to stop there. crappy teams all over the league have few arrests, while good ones have tons.

    AFC North
    Pittsburgh 33
    Cincinnati 22
    Cleveland 15
    Baltimore 6

    Big surprise here. I would have thought that the bengals would have taken this number and ran with it. Pittsburgh has a huge number, and one would think that a team that won the division would have been a little more civil. I think that the new head coach might have something to do with it, especially the type of coach that seems to try to "relate" to his players rather than dictate to them. this theory may have no sand however, due to the fact that dungy does this and indy has half the points.
    Cincinnati is no surprise whatsoever.
    Cleveland has fifteen, which is bad but not terrible in comparison to other teams. i dont think the number is big enough to warrant extreme concern for the team.
    Baltimore is also a big surprise to me. I would have thought this number would have been bigger. they are one of the two "physical" teams that have a low number

    AFC South
    Jacksonville 61
    Tennessee 34
    Indianapolis 15
    Houston 7

    Jacksonville has a whopping number, one of the so-called "physical teams" that have a big number. Is the notion of a physical team created by a team getting arrested? tampa, tennessee, jacksonville, and pitt also have big numbers.
    indy has fifteen, but i dont think its a high enough number to warrant a serious problem

    AFC East
    Miami 68
    Buffalo 10
    New York 3
    New England 0

    Not really any surprises in the east. New England has the least amount of arrests, and this comes as no surprise. Bill and Scott are well known for taking guys with brains and morals over pure talent. Miami's unusually huge number explains quite a bit, and there is no surprise there either. Buffalo and the Jets have low numbers, which makes sense as you would think Mangina would have much of the same philosophies as Bill, and Dick seems to be a decent guy with the bills.

    Denver 26
    Oakland 17
    San Diego 5
    Kansas City 1

    Denver is no surprise to me, as i've always viewed them as a dirty team. there might be a connection between the frustration of sucking when they should be good, also.
    I'm surprised that oakland has so few, when the owner seems to be willing to take anyone on. lucky year?
    san diego is shocking to me, with all the big egos and big mouths on that team. someone is doing a good job of discipline.

    Washington 9
    Dallas 0
    New York 0
    Philadelphia 0

    NFC North
    Minnesota 48
    Chicago 6
    Green Bay 6
    Detroit 0

    NFC South
    Atlanta 44
    Tampa Bay 39
    New Orleans 17
    Carolina 9

    NFC West
    St. Louis 10
    Seattle 10
    Arizona 3
    San Francisco 3

    So the only real conclusion i could draw from these numbers was in the teams that have under a score of 6. New England, Dallas, Green Bay, Giants, Philly, and San Diego, all are solid teams, and Arizona, San Fran, Jets, Kansas City, Baltimore, chicago, and detroit are all terrible teams. there seems to be no middle ground. all the teams who refuse to sign riff-raff are either good or bad. philly is the only one you could say was in the middle. you'll notice that the good teams are all big market teams, while the bad ones are small market. so if you dont have the money of a big market team, it seems as if you cannot survive on solid character players, but must delve into the turds.
  2. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

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    Interesting, but I think there is a flaw in the scoring. Seven points for an arrest, 1 point for a conviction???? An arrest basically means someone accused you of something, a conviction means you actually did it.
  3. ShrewBeer

    ShrewBeer Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    convictions are rare. most times people will take a plea bargain and get punished, with the trade-off being that they were not convicted. there are much less convictions than arrests, but i do not believe this is because there are many people getting wrongly arrested.
  4. kriskanos

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    I prefer the courtesy flush.
  5. RayClay

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    People get mad when i think "incidents" affect teams draft decisions. that's the reason in black and white.
  6. RayClay

    RayClay Hall of Fame Poster

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    Your favorite player in the Graybar Hilton?

    Why not read it (if you can) and understand the point.

    The teams with the most screwups tend to be the losers.
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