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Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Harry Boy, Oct 4, 2009.

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    Jesus Christ I'm glad I don't fly anymore (my arms are going on me)

    Remember the guy that took all his clothes off then he stood up naked and punched the women sitting next to him in the face and knocked her teeth out, then about two years ago while flying through some turbulance one of the batty democrat flight attendents jumped out of her seat and ran up and down the aisle screaming "we're going to crash we're going to crash" now there's another one about these crazy bastards, the whole crew had a fist fight with each other the pilots and the flight attendents were kicking the sh!t out of each other, imagine being a passenger on this one.................:singing:
    BBC NEWS | South Asia | India pilots in mid-air 'scuffle'
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    #91 Jersey

    Your arms are going huh, then you may qualify for this:

    I cannot see :singing:
    I canot pee
    I cannot chew
    I cannot screw
    Oh, God, what can i do?
    My memory shrinks
    My hearing stinks
    No sense of smell
    I look like he!l
    My mood is bad...can you tell?
    My bodys dropping
    Have trouble popping
    The Golden years have come at last
    The Golden years can kiss my ass :singing:
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