Field turf + Testaverde = wins!

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    Just think about this for a moment: The stars are aligning once again for Patriot Nation. We all know that "GREEN" means "GO," or full-speed ahead. Field turf is green. The English translation of Italian words "testa verde" literally means "green head," and the notorious greenhead fly is known to plague New England beaches. Kraft shelled out plenty of green (money) for BOTH the new turf and Testaverde. Plus, we're playing GREEN Bay this Sunday. There's also the fact that greater Boston has a huge Irish contingent (associated with lucky green shamrocks, namesake for the Boston Celtics, etc.), AND ex-Patriot coach Charlie Weis has invoked the luck o' the Irish for a successful year at Notre Dame. It's obvious that the green-clad Jets relied upon luck to beat us last Sunday (two turnovers = 14 of their 17 points). None other than JARVIS GREEN is leading us in sacks this season. Finally, Scorcese has pulled in plenty of box office green with his new hit movie "The Departed" about -- you guessed it -- Boston's Irish mafia! This all adds up to much more than mere coincidence. I tell you, it's boiling down to fate: We will defeat the Packers Sunday en route to running the table. When that happens, Ron Borges will spew more bile (which, of course, is green) and the rest of the NFL will be GREEN with envy! BB is a freakin' genius and WE ARE ONCE AGAIN A TEAM OF DESTINY!!!! :D (See, even the little smiley guy is green!)
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    These comments give me humor and scare me all at the same time....if nothing else, NE fans have an active imagination....:)
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    LOL...GREEN means the Patriots GO to SB 41.:D

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