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Few observations

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by DougGabriel2007, Nov 1, 2007.

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    Haven't posted much lately cause I've been busy with other stuff but still follow the Pats as close as I possibly can...Here are my observations..

    1. This board needs to step it up, I sign on here midday and all I see are posts about you guys defending the Pats over some stupid comments some middle-aged white out of touch columnist made. Pats "aren't classy", "running up the score", "spygate"....WHO CARES. Lets get back to talking about real football, real matchups and real issues with this team, not this garbage on a weekly basis. Yeah its gonna be spoken and written by pundits and media types and even other teams fans but who cares, enough is enough. Back to real football...I know its tough to analyze a game when your winning by 20+ each week but can we get less of the tabloidesque talk on this board...cmon guys

    2. ATl-SF is a somewhat big game for our SF pick this week, if SF loses to ATL they are probably going to give us a top 5 pick. If they win, I'm guessing they'll win a few more games this year and itll be in the 10th range. Either way its a great pick to have but this game is pretty telling of how good it will be. If they can't win @ATL they are in for a BAD year....

    3. See us winning 38-24 sunday, I'd probably make it a wider margin but Indy will make some big plays in the passing game and their crowd noise will be a factor I'm sure. See the D slowing Peyton and stopping the run and the offense moving the ball methodically as long as Mathis and Freeney aren't in Bradys face all day (Light didn't do as good of a job on Freeney in the AFCCG as I thought he did, Freeney is a monster on turf)

    Dungy and Moss met 2x a year for 4 years in the NFC central so I'm sure Dungy will be smart enough to double him and help with a safety over the top, this will leave the middle of the field open for Welker, Stallworth etc and those guys will have to make big plays and Pats will have to run the ball effectively....
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