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  1. DougGabriel2007

    DougGabriel2007 Practice Squad Player

    I haven't been online much lately to post, but I figured I'd make some observations about the Patriots and the NFL....

    1. Only 2 teams in the NFL look like they can win the superbowl this year, Pats and Colts. Last year you had the Bears/Ravens/Chargers all looking like contenders and when the playoffs rolled around not many were picking Indy or us to do much. With the QB's both have and the stability they bring year in and year out, this is probably gonna be their biggest reg season game ever. '05 we were struggling mightily and they rolled us, '03 both were good but the rivalry hadn't really started yet as both were in their beginning stages, '04 was the season opener and did end up deciding HC in the playoffs so that was a big game (although neither had done anything yet that year so nobody knew how big it was), last year decided HC too so that was a big game but I'd say this is the biggest since it is such a clear 2 team race in the AFC and these teams seem to be on a collision coarse in the playoffs that the whereabouts of where it is played could be decided in this game.

    2. SF looks terrible offensively and their schedule is not as easy as people think. Besides STL at home, they look like they could lose to anyone else on their schedule, and probably will be underdogs in 6 of their next 8 games. If Alex Smith can't go, it might actually help them since he has been so ineffective but Dilfer hasn't started in a while so we will see....Good chance this draft pick is in that 10-15 range, maybe even better who knows. We'll need it since we lost our own 1st...

    3. This really just occured to me today, but the Patriots wins are looking less and less impressive by the week. The Jets lost to a depleted Buffalo team and are now 1-3, with the win being over an 0-4 team at home. SD is 1-3 and their secondary is terrible, Kc and GB doing exactly what we did to them through the air. The 3 teams we have beaten are a combiend 3-6 vs opponents other than us, with one of those ones coming against one another. Cincy will be our toughest opponent this year to date, although it looks like pats may not be truly tested until week 6 @Dallas which will be the game of the year to that point and a good chance a meeting between two 5-0 teams.

    4. This is getting back to 1, but indy looks great. Harrison goes down vs Denver and you think "uh oh" then they just pound them on the ground and continue to score with ease. They've won at TN, beatdown Denver/NO and won @Hou. None of those are overly impressive victories but altogether its a very impressive start...

    Thats about it for now....
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  2. Fencer

    Fencer Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    #12 Jersey

    I spelled out your #3 further in another thread.

    Meanwhile, I don't totally see why you say Dallas isn't a legitimate championship contender. Or even Pitt, despite their stumble today.
  3. DougGabriel2007

    DougGabriel2007 Practice Squad Player

    Dallas/Pitt are good teams, but I really just see NE and indy in a different class than everyone else right now. Obviously we're only 25% done with the season so things can change, but I'd be very surprised if one of those two didn't win it all this year as presently constituted. Granted, there are tons of injuries and other issues week to week in the NFL so its hard to say where everyone will be in 3 months. Just saying that moreso than in past years, AFC completely looks like a 2 team race. Pitt just honestly doesn't seem like it can match NE/Indy in talent, SD is a mess, Ravens O sucks and their D just can't be at that '00/'06 level on a yearly basis, its too hard to be THAT good perennially, Broncos got a young QB and can't stop the run, Titans are still young and getting better, Jets look terrible, Cincy has no D.....

    Some of these weaknesses are bigger than others, but Pats/Colts exploit weaknesses so well that it will be tough for those teams to beat them....
  4. patsox23

    patsox23 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    I say Pats, Colts, Cowboys

    Then Green Bay, Pitt

    Then Houston (when they get back Andre), Tennessee, Seattle, Tampa Bay

    Then...who cares?
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