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    Know everyone has been waiting for this, well here it is on a very cold Friday Morning, Felger has come in with his final grades. Surprised he gave the coaching such high marks as he has been up and down on BB & Staff all year, guess he wants to just get along.

    Quarterbacks B
    Running Backs B
    Receivers C
    Offensive Line B
    Defensive Line B
    Linebackers B
    Secondary A
    Special Teams A
    Coaching A


    Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels deserves credit for getting the most out of the Pats’ revamped receiving corps, and there were certainly games where the offense looked like it was firing on all cylinders, but McDaniel’s play-calling remained a work in progress. Defensive coordinator Dean Pees got his group to overachieve. Special teams coach Brad Seeley showed why Bill Belichick considers him one of the best in the business. There was one game where the Pats got caught with their pants down -- Week 10 against the Jets -- and it wound up being a big one, as it cost the Pats a home date in the AFC title game. Otherwise, the staff got just about all it could out of the roster.
  2. DB15

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    I would have gave the receivers a C+ and the LBs a B-
  3. spacecrime

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    He is actually being consistent for once in his life. If QB, WR, RB, TE, DL, LB and DB get a grade of B or lower, and the team lost in the last minute of the AFCCG, how else could they have doen it except with coaching?
  4. DarrylS

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    No it is not for most of us, but you view this quite differently than a lot of us do.
  5. wdkantro2

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    I completely agree with NEM on this one, which brings me to a problem I have with Felger. Why is a rookie coordinator a "work in progress" when he sucks, but a rookie receiver is a "disappointment" when he sucks. This jackass still thinks Deion is a #1 receiver:
    "rookie Chad Jackson was a huge disappointment. There’s a reason he dropped in the draft (smarts, hamstring), but the Pats were forced to reach because they didn’t want to come up with the bucks for David Givens or Deion Branch. In this case, you get what you pay for."
    There are so many problems with this whole paragraph. The Pats drafted Chad because when they went to Florida, they gave him part of the playbook and a few weeks later, invited him up here and had him break down all the plays. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have drafted him if he failed in breaking those plays down, so he's not dumb. He also acts like the Pats should have known he would get hurt in the preseason :rolleyes:
    The Givens part: The guy got WAY too much money, and even before he got hurt this year, did absolutely nothing. He is being paid like a #1 receiver, which is way too high. Deion....well we've beaten that horse enough, but let's just say they were correct in not paying top tier money for a guy whose idea of a good year is 800+ yards.

    Man, I hate Felger. The guy just picks the facts that fit his argument while ignoring the facts that don't fit it
  6. everlong

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    I don't hate Felger. I think he misses the boat from time to time but he's not a Borges or a curly haired boyfriend who thinks he's bigger than the story.

    I do think he ignores all the facts at times though. When bringing up the Pats spending to the CAP he ignores the fact that they offered Derrick Mason more money than the Ravens did and the fact that they moved as much money as they could on to this year so they could spend more money in coming years. Then they didn't go out and sign the equivalent of a Matt Clement in a panic move. Granted the Pats have had Beisel, Starks, and Brown but 2 of the 3 they paid little to nothing for and the other they cut bait with quickly.

    Then he'll ask why do the Pats get latitude from the fans for those moves that the Soxs don't?

    Because they silently admit their mistakes, move on, and don't amplify the issue.

    Oh and............... 3 titles to 1.
  7. stcjones

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    Ummmm...I think Deion Branch was a good #1 WR for us wasn't he? (SB MVP 2004?)
  8. D-cleater

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    wait a minute, you're interfering with board member's Felger bashing! Let's keep reality out of this!
  9. RayClay

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    You mean he has the nerve to rate the team now?

    I thought this was going to be where we could give him a grade on what a douchebag he was this season.

    Felger D-.

    And quit hanging around that Borges Character. He's a bad influence.
  10. belichickaholic

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    Felger F-

    I change the channel because of his association with Borges.

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