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  1. R_T26

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    says he thinks the depth is better then he originally thought. Says how the players were frustrated last year for the lack of agressivness and hopefully Pees will be more aggressive.
  2. bradybunch

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    Saw that but he still really thinks our depth is not that good!

    I think he is rediculous!!!!!!!!

    i just want to see how good we are when branch and jackson take the field on offense and bruschi back on defense with everyone else.

    I would also like to see them add a reciever via free agency and maby another linebacker!

    donnie edwards would be great but probably not happening
  3. DefenseRules

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    So Felger did a flip flop? :rolleyes:
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  4. Kdo5

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    Then just stop listening to the jerk! God.
  5. SamBam39

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    Honestly - why would you ever care what some ignorant sportswriter thinks?
    His opinion has no more value than any guy on the street - he's just as likely to be a fool as anyone else. Actually, since writers want to sell papers or get ratings via controversy, they are even less likely to say something intelligent.
    I've read 'em all for years, and while sometimes you learn info you didn't know, I've never felt their opinions had much value. There are many ignorant sportswriters, just like any other profession.
  6. Slagathor

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    Just last night on channel 4 with Steve Burton he said the depth was horrible.

    What a difference a day makes.

    He must've got home and actually watched the last 2 games he had TIVO'd.
  7. sarge

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    Better then he originally thought as of what, yesterday??
  8. zippo59

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    What I found most note worthy is that on the show, they all three said that Jonathan Kraft had previously said publicly that the offer the Pats made to Branch was not their final offer, or one they even expected him to accept, but just a starting point for negotiations. This makes it all the more puzzling why Chayut didn't make a counter offer. Isn't it in the agent and client's best interest to make any counter offer, no matter how rediculous the organization might think it is. At worst the organization declines and the sides end up similar to where they are now. At best they are able to gain a better understanding of what the two sides want and are able to negotiate into a comprimise. It seems like if an agent is not going to even try to negotiate then there is little point in even having him. Now the negotiations have stopped I presume because the Pats said they would not negotiate at all if Branch holdsout, so Chayut doesn't even have the choice to negotiate.
    Of course Felger used this as an opportunity to bash Pats fans who thought that the Pats offer to Deion was far and reasonable when the Pats themselves didn't even think it was in terms of a final offer (which it wasn't.)
  9. fgssand

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    He also continues to rip NE over the Branch situation. He really gives the rest of our receivers - no chance - goes on to say we can be covered one on one, which will mean out tight ends will be covered by DB's. He then defends the agent and also says our offer was so low, Jason was right to not counter.

    Then he makes a case for Stallworth being worth more than Branch in terms of trade value versus what he thinks the Patriots will demand. I bet he will not allow the money Stallworth gets to be used in the same arguement however, reason being I am sure it will be less than the Patriot offer to Deion that he thinks is so low. Mark my words on that one.

    Also, why does he have to rip Dillon all the time by saying he thinks Maroney is so much better - why can't he just realize BOTH of these guys are really good, needed and will compliment each other - no, he just has to take shots at will at Dillon.

    What happened to this guy anyway? The same things he used to compliment and admire about the Pats front office he now thinks is wrong and disingenuous. When and why did he turn into Ron Bogus?
  10. MrBigglesWorth

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    I use to like reading Felger and listening to him, but he's turned so negative and into Ron Borges. I don't waste my time reading anything of his or listening to him. Reiss is the man, the most well informed writer.
  11. Box_O_Rocks

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    Quit baiting It's Ron Borges with truth. :nono:
  12. PonyExpress

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    One thing about Felger: Unlike Borges, if the Pats prove him wrong he'll admit it. He just wrong right now, not malicious.
  13. Pats726

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    I heard him and agree that he's just NOT good at all. Used to read and listen, but frankly, uniformed and dumb..I will miss Curran for opinions..and so glad Reiss is here. But there he goes again, saying that the only mistake Chuyut has made has beem putting a few numbers into the press as well as not making a counter offer...and the he said, that he understood why that wasn't done. Gee. an agent going around saying how the team "exploited" his client..are you saying that is good??? Please...!! Just rip the team you are playing for..why not!! And not honoring a contract even though you have said that you will...Gee..if he was my clinet and made that statement, he'd be in camp..not making a statement so obvious a lie. He was making a point about the first offer and..actually the point he was making was even less valid. If it was a first offer, then at least counter it to see where it is..it WAS NOT a final offer..so??? Felger is just an annoying snot. I wonder if he would have been this negative if he was covering the Packers of the 60s.

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