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    WEEI 850AM Sports Radio - Patriots Mailbag: Things Get Strange During the Short Week

    is this really true about mangini and his plan ride from denver ? i heard in the past he was recruiting coaches when returning from denver. i have also BB +vely endorse mangini when he joined the jets . it went sour after the deion branch fiasco IMO but people just choose to ignore it.
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    I heard Fredo was trying to lure NE assistant coaches to NJ on the juant back from Denver. That, Fatboy either stole a NEP laptop or computer sensitive material and that he took a file the NEP had on Pennington.
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    There was also the story of Mangina stealing the Patriots scouting reports on Pennington, the QB Mangina was heading off to coach. I don't know the timing of all this stuff as it relates to the trip home from Denver but as soon as Belichick found out Manina was stealing anything, whether paper or people, I'd have locked his fat ass out too.
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