Felger and Reiss go at it over Welker

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  1. Claremonster

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    This is the Fleger-Reiss thread
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  2. DaBruinz

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  3. Shockt327

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    I heard the latter half of it on the way home. Heated for sure. Didn't catch all of it. Thanks.

    EDIT: Oh, I totally agree w/ Reiss too...it was bad timing for both sides.

    With the 3-day tampering period, the Patriots assumed Welker would see just how low the market was...and they'd nab him as soon as Free Agency started. But they couldn't sit around waiting for Welk. They needed a back-up plan: Amendola. But they were still hoping Welker would see just how low the market was over the tampering period; and he'd sign their offer.


    Even after the tampering period, Welker was *still* hesitant to sign once Free Agency started. All the offers were low, by his standards. So? The Patriots figured that if Welker still isn't willing to agree, then the Pats have to move on. They cannot just sit around on the open market, waiting, waiting, waiting....

    So, they moved on to plan B: Amendola. But! Surprise, surprise. Welker comes backing looking for them to match that $2/12 deal rather than 3/24. That counter offer would've been accepted. But! It was too late. The Pats already signed Amendola and they weren't going to spend 6 mil apiece on 2 different slot receivers; a redundancy.
  4. PatsWickedPissah

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  5. Brady2Moss

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    F U Felger
  6. Uncle Rico

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    :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:
  7. thenepatsrule

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    Need subtitles people :D
  8. livinginthe past

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    Reiss sounding pretty spiky there - love it.
  9. JMC00

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    I didn't listen to the Reiss call in but I know Felger was going on a rant about how the Patriot reporter "fanboy" are taking the Patriots side and blaming Welker and his agent on what happened and I believe the only name he mentioned was Reiss.
  10. BSR

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    Felger came off like an idiot. Reiss states what he heard from both camps and Felger states he doesn't believe it because it doesn't agree with his preconceived notion. Reiss should have called him out on how he frequently is wrong about things like his whole stupid cap is crap nonsense. How is that theory working now Felger? How is that model Jets franchise working now Felger? Remember two years ago on how you were saying that they always seemed to be able to sign everyone they want? Putz.
  11. SaCaCh

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    First time I ever listen to that station and those two...Felger is an alternative to WEEI?? how can anyone stand listening to him. What is the point. He says what he believed and was not part of any fact gathering, talks to the guy there gathering facts and doesn't believe him. WHA??
  12. Gronkandez

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    There is a link to it on NESN that is linked on the breaking news feed on This website. One good point Felger made was that Reiss and others keep saying how they were close to an agreement early on, but now Reiss is reporting Welker was asking for 3 yrs /24M and that they were in a different area code. They Both came off looking bad IMO. Reiss was getting a little pissy.
  13. ForThoseAboutToRock

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    Felger calls out Reiss for blaming Welker's agent for overestimating the market for Welker's services with the insinuation that Reiss is protecting the Patriots so as not to hurt his ability to get info.

    Reiss calls in and takes Felger to task as has been stated.

    It sorta devolved into an argument about who had what info, when, why Reiss reported optimism that Welker would sign... but it's worth a listen.

    Reiss' basic argument:
    --Pats offer was 2 for 10M with incentives that reasonably brought the offer to 2 for 12.
    --Welker's camp wanted 8 for 24 and expected to get that on the market.
    --Welker goes to market, Pats move on Amendola
    --Situation doesn't work out for Welker so well... doesn't get the $ he expected, doesn't get the team he allegedly wanted to be on.

    Open questions:
    --Is the Amendola paperwork signed when Welker comes back to them with his Denver offer?
    --If Welker wanted to be a Patriot, and the Patriots wanted him, then why didn't it work out when the Pats essentially nailed the market price for him?

    In the end you gotta give credit to Reiss for backing up his sources/info as not BS Patriot Kool-aid chugging. At the same time, he didn't move Felger off his anti-Patriots front office stance.
  14. PatsWickedPissah

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    Careful, lots of Felger fans here. Unfortunately.
  15. RhodyPatriot

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    The gist of it is that Felger is calling out Reis and Tom E Curran for their spewing of the Patriot company line, i.e Wes went back to the Patriots after the Bronco offer and the Pats turned him down, Amendola was actually signed on Tuesday etc. All the spin is designed to make the Patriots look all-knowing and powerful while squishing their former player. Felger is right on and if you heard Tom E on the Big Show today then you know he's Belichick's Baghdad Bob. Nauseating.
  16. rlcarr

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    That explains the multitude of crappy threads we've been seeing...
  17. rlcarr

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    That's a succinct description of pretty much every Felger and "You're Absolutely Right, Mike!" show ever.
  18. Rob0729

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    Felger was really off his game today. He was so bad off it that even Mazz disagreed with him.
  19. IcyPatriot

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    curran was saying the same thing on WEEI ... Welker's people wanted 3/24 and misread the market.

    Sounds legit to me ... Of course the Patriots would have signed Welker for 2/$12 million all day long which is half of $24 you dumb fool Felger. Felger has to make everything up because he has no sources ... he has crap ...
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  20. RayClay

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    I miss Boston, but the fact that I don't accidentally end up listening to that jerk is a plus for being out of state.

    I'd say who he's worse than as a broadcaster, but that would be political.

    Reiss "His agent demanded three years at 24 million."


    "So you're saying he wanted 2 years at twelve million, same as the Patriots."

    Uh, no.
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