Feel a little better, but the next 2 weeks are must wins..

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    I realise we tend to over react , but when you lose 2 winable games at home, questions will arrise... I still but my faith in Bill and Brady over anybody else in the NFL.. With that being said , the next 2 weeks are crucial.. We should come out and kill the pack who , are a team that is getting better and Farve is a turnover machine , and we should be able to dominate them.. Then the Bears game has to be for the fans, and show them home field still rules at the Razor.. We won 21 games in a row before bowing out to San Diego... The last 2 weeks were major downers, but we could erase them with 2 solid wins, and take a strangle hold on the division we should own.. Only the Miami game scares me right now, I think we could beat Jax , and the Bears , but always have trouble in Miami.. 12-4 is still possible, with a outside shot at a bye..
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    lets just watch 1 game first..no game is a gimme like "kill the pack"..as you said we have a tendency to overreact...we said the same thing after the minn win that we were going to blow the colts out..this team is too inconsistent right now to predict more than week
    again all you said might happen..but lets just watch 1 game...there are no must wins until elimination from playoff contention or playoffs IMO...win or lose this week..it will be just 1 more game...
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