Fears 'buy American' bid could ignite trade war

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by cupofjoe1962, Feb 3, 2009.

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    Today Jay Severin said that the World Trade Organisation could sue America in world courts for billions for promoting "buy American" in the stimulis package.

    If anyone is up to speed with the World Trade Organisation treaty, please
    enlighten us on your view.

    In 1999 Pat Buchanan said the WTO is the first step toward world goverment
    The WTO is more than a trade organization. It is an embryonic institution of world government, which asserts the right to veto laws democratically passed by the US. For example, if we Americans want to defend sea turtles and porpoises, that is our business. Who are these international bureaucrats to tell us we can’t do it? This is the beginning of world government, and people are resisting it to maintain their own national identity.
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    It is illegal to have programs like buy [home country]. If you want to be part of the WTO and engage in free trade, you have to follow the rules. Europe threatened us and we backed off because they could really hurt us economically in response to this.
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