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    #12 Jersey

    Current Red Sox: Dustin Pedroia

    Red Sox of all time: Pedro Martinez

    Game performance by a Red Sox: Jon Lester No hitter this Year vs KC

    Season from a first-year Red Sox: Pedro 1988 19 wins 7 losses i believe

    Catch: Coco Crisp division series against cleveland to end the game

    WS: no doubt 2004

    Regular season game: any win over the yanks :)

    Game I attended: last year in seattle got to see dice k for the first time they won

    Comeback: game 4 5 6 and 7 against the yanks in 2004

    Coaching staff: 2004

    Player that got by on guts: bill meuler (sp?)

    Uniform: love the st patty green

    Player you can only wish the sox could have: Lincecum (sp?)

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