Favorite Patriots moment?

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  1. Asante4prez

    Asante4prez Practice Squad Player

    With the lack of news for us Patriot junkies out there, I thought I would raise a probably overasked question.

    What is everyone's favorite Patriot moment?

    Personally, mine has to be that Snow bowl versus the Oakland Raiders, the last game at the old foxboro stadium. It was the homecoming dance at my high school during my senior year, and the hottest girl in the entire school, wanted to go with me.Though, I realized I probably will never have another chance with a girl that good looking ever again, I told her I couldn't go with her as a friend of mine had managed to get tickets to the now legendary game. She ended up meeting some guy at the dance, only to marry him a few years later. Anyways, needless to say, that game, the atmosphere in foxboro, was a moment I will never forget....
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  2. richpats

    richpats Banned

    "Choosing to be introduced as a TEAM...."

    Though EVERY other SB team since has done this, when the Pats came out in unison before SB36 it was remarkable. I thought to myself, "we are going to WIN this game!"
  3. PromisedLand

    PromisedLand Virtual Internet Person

    We have this thread about once a month, but I'll go again:

    Mine was the ball going through the uprights at the end of SB36, and no flags, and no time left on the clock, and ... AND FINALLY after 42 years the end of our team being the NFL version of Charlie Brown!
  4. Kdo5

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    I knew then that the Pats would be Super Bowl champs at the end of the night. The script was just gold.
  5. zippo59

    zippo59 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    That ranks up there. It was especially great after seeing each of the individual Rams run out on the field one by one. That was one of the coolest things I have seen and it made me really proud to be a fan.

    Another one is the 2004 Colts playoff game. No one was giving us a chance. We were missing Ty Law, Tryone Poole, and Richard Seymour and people were expecting our defense to be annihilated. Manning was just coming off his 49 touchdown season and the hype was unbelieveable. Then the defense goes out and allows a whole three points. That was amazing. It was after that game that I knew Belichick was God.
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  6. DarrylS

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    There are so many, mostly since '01, but have to go with the first SB win, could not believe that we really did it.. only bad part living in Northern Maine and not a lot of people to share it with, so went to Boston for the insane celebration outside of city hall.
  7. patsox23

    patsox23 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    The one that comes to mind for me is, for some reason, Brady's scramble for the TD in the snow that began the comeback. Another would be Rodney's pick and run-back vs. the Steelers, right before the half.
  8. Va_Pats_Fan

    Va_Pats_Fan Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

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    Two that stand out to me

    Taking the safety in Denver. Pure coaching genius.

    The goal line stand in Indy.
  9. MDD

    MDD Practice Squad Player

    My all time favorite moment, WBCN, 2/3/02:

    "The kick is up, it's on it's way. . . . and . . . .
  10. Lloyd_Christmas

    Lloyd_Christmas I can delete my own crap! PatsFans.com Supporter

    That has to be my favorite as well. When the Rams came back and tied it up, that sinking feeling started back in my gut.... that one that tells you the Pats will never win the big one. Then, to feel the utter jubulation when they did win it. I was totally out of control with joy.

    Another good memory for me personally was going to the first preseason game in the new stadium. Ian went with me. It was the first time I had ever met Ian and the first time I had ever gone to a Patriots game, let alone one in the new stadium. It was great... even though my father-in-law's season tickets turned out to be in an area with an obstructed view.

    Still had a fantastic time and Ian got to write up an article about the obstructed seats, complete with pictures.
  11. MrTibbs

    MrTibbs Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    I'm going to have to go with the Willie McGinest stuff of Edgerin James at the goaline on 4th down in Indy. That was a total statement of how tough a team they were that year.
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  12. Trip

    Trip Banned

    When they got beat by Indy in the AFCC
  13. PromisedLand

    PromisedLand Virtual Internet Person

    Troll. :bricks:
  14. MrTibbs

    MrTibbs Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Three rings Vs. one..................Nuff said. Thats all Manning will ever see. Sorry for being so insensitive, I forgot the Colts don't have many good memories, LOL.
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  15. chris_in_sunnyvale

    chris_in_sunnyvale In the Starting Line-Up

    Vinatieri's 48yd FG to win SB36 without a doubt. Let's not forget some backstory regarding the previous two SBs the Pats were in...

    - SB20 vs. an all-time great Bears team.
    - SB31 vs. one of the best one-year teams of the 90s.
    - Both games in the Superdome.

    And here were the Pats again in the Superdome vs. what appeared to be at the time another best one-year team of the new millenium. It just seemed that the Pats were destined to be Big Easy mincemeat vs. these one-year NFC juggernauts (why couldn't they draw a team like the '00 Giants?).

    Then there was the game itself. Pats playing major bend-but-don't-break defense and a field position game on offense early on, looking like it was only a matter of time before things started breaking down and the Rams slowly took hold of the game. Then came Ty Law's pick. Then came the turnover before the half and the ensuing TD. Wow, it's 14-3 at the half! Then came another pick and a 17-3 lead after 3. Holy poop the Pats might pull this one out! Then the gas ran out in the 4th quarter and here came the Rams. First, Willie's hold negated Tebucky's game-clinching 24-3 TD return and the Rams quickly capitalize and make it 17-10. Then after some more bend-but-don't-break, an awful punt sets up the Rams 55 yards away from tying the game with two minutes to go. Tebucky and Shaw forget how to tackle and Prohel ties the game with 1:30 to go as my stomach starts to sour. Then some Brady magic (with big assists from JR Redmond and Troy Brown) sets up Adam V. Visions of Scott Norwood are going through my mind, but then the kick is so true, right down the middle and would have been good from 65yds that the moment it was in the air I was ecstatic. What a beautiful championship winning kick!


    Another favorite of mine that doesn't get much play from others was Fryar's Hail Mary catch to beat the Rams in a regular season game in '86. Down 28-23 on the Rams' 25yd line with just seconds on the clock, Eason lobs a ball really high towards the back right corner of the endzone where a crowd of players await. Morgan is able to outjump everybody to tip it across the crowd to Fryar at the back of the endzone. Fryar snatches the ball with one foot alreay down and the 2nd foot comes down with less than an inch to spare inbounds. The ref on the backline has a perfect view and doesn't hesitate to signal touchdown as Fryar, Morgan and Cedric Jones run back towards the field jumping, high-fiving and celebrating. It was one of those "Oh my effing God they WON that game!?!" moments.

  16. Michigan Dave

    Michigan Dave Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Probably the snow game as #1.

    Followed by Rodney's pick 6 in the AFCCG in Pittsburgh, because I was there, and talked a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of junk.
  17. rabthepat

    rabthepat 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Coming from behind by 11 in the 4th quarter in 2002 to knock the Dolphins out of the playoffs. Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas fell to their knees after Adam kicked the game winner.

    I thought I'd list one of the less obvious ones.
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  18. Sean Pa Patriot

    Sean Pa Patriot Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

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    Wow too many to talk about.. Im going to break it down to three different era's for me

    My teenage yr Pats moment- Grogan to Morgan in the OB in 86 Pats clinch the AFC east title - Pats win 34-27.. For me as a kid that was a great moment..

    My favorite Super Bowl Moment, besides the next one, - Brady leading the drive against Carolina, which is my fav super bowl.. That was a great show by a great QB.. The first Super Bowl stand out on its own..

    But my all time fav moment, becauce like alot of people here ,we may not be talking about dynasty.. The Snow Bowl- Enough said.. :rocker:
  19. ilduce06410

    ilduce06410 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    mcginest made a fabulous play

    mr tibbs, i have watched replays of that tackle for a couple years, and i still can't figure out how willie ray got there that fast.
    i have several other great patriot moments:
    1. the tuck rule. after decades of watching those calls go against our boys, it was good to see one go our way. especially because it was the raiders.
    i was watching the 1976 raiders playoff game. ben dreith called sugar bear hamilton for roughing the passer. the call was questionable, but it was an outrage in the sense that the game was in crunch time.
    well, tuck rule got called in crunch time. it was the correct call. but i've never seen it called before, or since. so i loved the whole scenario.
    BTW ben dreith never again worked a game in foxboro. billy sullivan told the league he "couldn't guarantee his security".
    2. troy brown blocks FG against steelers in 2001 playoffs, laterals, and (who?) runs it it in for the winning score.
    3. the "brick-by-brick" game in 1986 against dolphins in miami, for the AFC championshjip. a supreme effort.
    4. AV's kick against rams in SB.
    5. the snowplow game against fins. shula completely lost it on the sidelines. it was unethical, but it was sweet.
  20. richpats

    richpats Banned

    I remember the moments leading up to that play - I was talking with a Steelers fan about their drive and I kept saying ...."the Steelers don't need to pass the rest of this drive, they can run one in...." then bam! Rodney picks it off and the stadium goes quiet :)

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