Faulk is the key to Superbowl number 4

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  1. PowerAlley.com

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    Well not completely. Think about it though. When Faulk is making HUGE plays and holding on to ball most of the season, we go to the superbowl and win it. When he is Fumbling the ball at key times: 2002 he fumbled alot. I remember that Green bay game with the dreadful all blue uniforms/pants that Faulk fumbled at least twice. Then the 2nd fumble, he didnt even go after it and Stephen Neal did. Stephen neal got hurt on that play. 2005 that fumble that he gave up in the Denver playoff game turned the momentum around into Denver's favor and then the crappy call on Assante made it worse.

    Faulk is such an awesome weapon, especially on screens. So when he consistently makes plays and holds onto the ball, we win the Superbowl!

  2. BradyManny

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    Faulk is one of the best pass catching backs in the league, no doubt, and one of the best backs on the screen pass. But he does cough it up too much, and that was before his monstrous fumble in the Denver game. With the addition of Maroney, the fact that Ben Watson SHOULD be utilized for the all the screen passes that theoritically would go Faulk's way, and the fact that while Faulk was out, Patrick Pass provided very comprabable performance all make Faulk somewhat expendable in my eyes. Hard to say cause I do like the guy a lot. But we've let go of much better players before...
  3. VJCPatriot

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    Faulk is a good player, a good weapon on offense. But as you mentioned whenever he makes a mistake it has resulted in DISASTER for NE. Now that Mills is in the mix. I think I'd rather have a combo of Pass/Mills handling the ball in those situations if it means less chance of coughing it up. Those mistakes simply KILL a team. Especially in the crunch.
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  4. pats1

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    BB isn't not one to hold a grudge against Faulk for that loss. Brady's INT was even more costly, IMO. Or take Hobbs' fumble. Or Brown's fumble.

    You win as a team and lose as a team.
  5. PatsWickedPissah

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    If Faulk is the key...
    we're locked out
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  6. jct

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    Faulk has a terribly high fumble %.
    We should keep him 1 more year as a backup.
    He is not key to anything.
  7. RayClay

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    The key is having Faulk catch passes and Dillon/Maroney running the ball.:D

    Or somebody else catching passes.
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  8. IcyPatriot

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    Belichick figuring out how to get Dillon and Maroney in the backfield at the same time will not only be key to winning the SB...it will win the SB. ;)
  9. SeanBruschi54

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    If thats true then you can definitely make a case for patrick Pass as well.
  10. BradyManny

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    It wasn't just one fumble, guys, Faulk has been coughing it up at an above average rate his whole career, and they are often game changing fumbles.

    Of course, we don't win our first ring without him. But I do expect his role to be diminished this year for obvious reasons not necessarily having to do with fumbles.
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  11. Brady'sButtBoy

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    Not to discourage you from starting threads - I like to read new ones - but Faulk is one of the most easily replaced players on the team. Fumbles or no, he is hardly one of the "best pass catching backs in the league," sorry. He is a good player, with good attitude, and I admire his effort, but you overestimate him...
  12. stinkypete

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    As much as I like Faulk, I can remember 2 games in which a Faulk fumble nearly lost us the game. In Miami in 2003 (the Brady to Brown in OT game), just following an interception, Faulk fumbles the ball at Miami's 30. The Phins score (that game later goes into overtime). A month later, in Indy (the goal line stand game) Faulk fumbles early in the 4th, and the surging Colts score 3 plays later to take the 4 point lead.

    MDPATSFAN On the Game Day Roster

    Yep...It seems like the same pattern keeps repeating itself with Faulk....He fumbles then you don't see him for awhile....Gradually BB works him back into the game plan and he finally gets rollin'...nice explosive runs, speed, production....then just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...DOINK!!!...the inevitable game changing fumble.

    I think BB has had it with reaching for the bottle of Maalox over this guy. Extremely low production for the risk of turnovers. He's been given plenty of opportunity to fix his fumblitis.
  14. BelichickFan

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    Heaven help us if Faulk is the key. He's a nice role player but no more and certainly is not the key to the Super Bowl.
  15. Brady-To-Branch

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    A little Kevin Faulk goes a long way. As someone said, if Faulk gets too many carries, he will fumble. He's a great complimentary player and is one of the best pass-catching backs in the league. However, when used solely in spot duty, he can gain 7 yards on a draw play on 3rd-4, or make defenses pay when they load up for the deep routes. His performance in the 2004 playoffs enabled the Pats to keep several drives alive. If you pay too much attention to the pass and play your safeties deep, Faulk will hurt you. BB wasn't kidding when praising Faulk's production on the field. New England is the only region that when someone says "Faulk", their likely talking about Kevin.

    As I said, a little Kevin Faulk goes a long way. Just don't use him too much.
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  16. BelichickFan

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    That's what Felger kept saying in the playoffs and . . . voila. It's a shame - he needs to go to Tiki Barber Non Fumbling School . . . but it is what it is.
  17. scout

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    Faulk is no more a key to the Superbowl then any of the other offensive players, and maybe even less. I would take a big year from Dillon or Maroney over Faulk because their impact would be higher. If you want to key on one player it would be on the defensive side of the ball, and I would say Rodney Harrison is that player. An honorable mention might go to the linebacker who takes Willie's spot. There are more questions on defense then offense, thus, the key to Superbowl 4 is our defense.
  18. Brady-To-Branch

    Brady-To-Branch Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Barber was the Giants #1 option and had worse fumbling problems than Faulk. Kevin has small arms and isn't built to handle an NFL football. That said, if used properly, his fumbles don't become a problem.

    Kevin Faulk's playoff stats...

    Year  Opp   Result  |  RSH    YD  TD  YPC |  REC   YD  YPR  TD
     2001  oak  W,16-13  |   1    -1   0 -1.0 |    3   22  7.3   0
    *2001  ram  W,20-17  |   2    15   0  7.5 |    1   -1 -1.0   0
     2003  ten  W,17-14  |   5    22   0  4.4 |    3   31 10.3   0
     2003  ind  W,24-14  |   3     8   0  2.7 |    1    8  8.0   0
    *2003  car  W,32-29  |   6    42   0  7.0 |    4   19  4.8   0
     2004  ind  W,20-3   |  11    56   0  5.1 |    1   11 11.0   0
     2004  pit  W,41-27  |   3    20   0  6.7 |    0    0  0.0   0
    *2004  phi  W,24-21  |   8    38   0  4.8 |    2   27 13.5   0
     2005  jax  W,28-3   |   6    51   0  8.5 |    4   45 11.3   0
     2005  den  L,13-27  |   7    23   0  3.3 |    2   20 10.0   0
    TOTAL                |  52   274   0  5.3 |   21  182  8.7   0
    Notice that Faulk's playoff yards per touch avg (receiving and rushing) is 6.2 yards. I'm not saying that Faulk is "the key" to another SBC, but, IMO, he's a bigger contributor than many give him credit for.

    BTW, his fumble against Denver was his first in 10 postseason games. ;)
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  19. BelichickFan

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    And he fixed his problem.

    I don't care, the number speak for themselves :
    (fumble %)

    Faulk : Career : 2.3%, 2005 : 3%
    Dillon : Career : 1%, 2005 : 0.4%
    Barber : Career : 1.7%, 2005 : 0.2%
  20. Box_O_Rocks

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    A thought about why Faulk's fumbles come at critical times: Kevin is used during critical situations (3rd downs, 2 minute drills, etc.) by Tommy and BB because he is a big play maker. Finding someone as capable in that role will be as difficult as finding someone as capable as Willie at OLB. This may be a situation where BB is forced to rework the offense to spread the load around to the TEs, etc.

    PowerAlley is correct in implying Kevin is critical to a Super Bowl win, all of BB's players are used in specific 'roles', they don't just play a position, they play a role. Kevin's role is best described as 'crunch time utility back', which explains why 'his' fumbles really screw things up for the team and the fans, moreso then for other players.

    And before the Maroney for third down back crowd takes the floor, part of Faulk's big play skill set is his blitz pick-up, he is one of the better backs in the league at identifying the blitz, getting himself in the right position, and cleanly blocking the blitzer. Not to denigrate Maroney, but until he consistently demonstrates his ability in all three aspects of a third down back's job (receiving, blocking, running), he isn't Faulk's equal or better in that role.

    I will add my vote for having Kevin attend the Tiki Barber Fumbleitis Rehabilitation Clinic. I sincerely hope Kevin spends every minute of his off-season workouts carrying a football in the approved Tiki tuck.

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