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    Being a long time Patriots fan and living in California, I used to always have a hard time finding Patriot's stuff out here. My wife and daughter love to shop on the internet and ebay to find cool Patriot things. Between Christmas and Birthdays I now have a whole drawerful of Patriot shirts of all types. Now with Father's Day here they outdid themselves.

    My gifts: A red pennant with "Pat Patriot" on a helmet from the 1970's. Two blue throw pillows with the "Flying Elvis" on them. A pin which is a replica of the ring the team received for being the 1996 AFC Championship. And my favorite, an issue of Pro magazine from Sept. 19, 1971, which was the innaugural game as the 'New England' Patriots and the first game at Schaeffer Stadium. It was the game program, it was against the Raiders, and featured rookie Jim Plunkett on the cover. It is in good condition and brought back a lot of memories.

    My wife grew up as a Rams fan, but when they moved to St. Louis she adopted the Pats as her team. Super Bowl 36 was extra sweet for her, though I think she enjoyed the Rams getting beat more than the Patriots winning.

    Did anyone else get any cool Patriot's stuff for Father's Day?
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    We don't make a big deal out of Father's Day but for my birthday I got a picture of Belichick on the field holding the Lombardi Trophy with the confetti falling and it's signed "To David, Best Wishes, Bill Belichick, SB 36, 38, 39 Champions". And although it wasn't to me, my name is David so it looks like it is and it's an aweome picture.

    E-Bay rules :D
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    One more reason that you are lucky your name is not Heathcliff. I doubt if he signed too many "to Heathcliff".

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