Farley: Tight end still a weak spot

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  1. Box_O_Rocks

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    One of these days, someone is going to have to delineate what's expected of tight ends, especially in a round-by-round comparison.
  4. patfanken

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    Here's ANOTHER jamoke who wants 22 all pros, and its a "weakness" if they don't. :rolleyes: I couldn't believe my eyes when he stated that the Pats are "light" at the TE position. I wonder how many teams have 3 guys who have caught at LEAST 40 passes from the TE position in a season. How many freaken passes do you think will be available when the basic Set is 3 WRs and you have to feed the Moss/Welker/Galloway monster.

    Then he commits a pet peave of mine by calling Watson a disappointment JUST because he was the 32nd pick in the draft. You'd be amazed how less of a "disappointment he would have been if he'd been the 33rd pick. :rolleyes:

    Watson has been a victm of OUR high expectations more than BBs. Sure we all loved his "measurables, but the fact remains that Watson has improved his blocking every year. He's a "decent" receiver, when he gets a chance, which hasn't been a lot since 2007. Yeah I know his flaws. He isn't a smooth route runner. He doesn't have great hands. So he isn't Tony Gonsalez but he is very competent all round STARTING TE, who has tended to do the most important thing BB asks....to "do your job". Not to OUR expectations, but to HIS. This ISN'T FF. Gonzales wouldn't put up big numbers either if he were the 3rd or 4th option, or even worse constantly blocking.....or simply not on the field.

    THis dolt brings back every TE that has been through NE the past DECADE to somehow try and prove his terribly weak point. The Pats are SOOOOO much better of than the rest of the division it isn't funny. Can anyone name the TE who plays BEHIND Dustin Kellher. Can you even NAME the Miami STARTING TE let alone his back ups. I know I can't. The Fact is the Pats have 3 PROVEN STARTING TEs that can play the complimentary role that is expected of the TE in this high powered offense. They all can block, play HB, go in myriad motions of an HB. And despite him trying to hang Thomas with a lifelong albatrose, because he made a single bonehead play, he remains the TE with the most potential as a pure receiving TE. (I wonder how he'd feel if he was reminded just one of his bone head columns, let alone all of the dumb ones he's written :rolleyes: )

    Far from being "LIGHT", the Pats TE situation is PROBABLY the deepest position on the squad. What OTHER team in the LEAGUE (Oh God, I'm starting to shout) has 3 guys with the experience and ALLROUND talents of Smith/Watson/Baker. There might be several teams with better individual TEs, but not 3/'4 man corps. Please inform me...or rather Glen Farely.

    Donaldson's precamp column was trite and lazy, but this one is just play WRONG.
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  5. Bartmac36

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    The TE position is a little cloudy at this point, but it is still WAY ahead of last year and has plenty of capable options...

    ...I wouldn't expect great things from them, just EFFECTIVENESS from them when asked for it...
  6. signbabybrady

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    I attended a Dinner with the Head Coach banquet in june (really cool event) and BB said this was the Best TE group he has ever coached.
  7. Box_O_Rocks

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    Brown, NE's former DL claimed off waivers by Tangini, they let Bubba Franks go and signed a kid named Owens.

    I believe Martin was Miami's #1 last year, I haven't read any in-depth team profiles for Miami yet for this season.
  8. Smith21

    Smith21 Rookie

    this is kind of funny that you brought up the dolphins in your points..
    they have 2 tight end's im sure you heard of last year that had better seasons than watson did..
    anthony Fasano and David Martin.. yes our 3rd TE Joey Haynos wasn't such a big help last year but we drafted John Nalbone this year and he is a superb blocker with some speed..

    Dolphins T.E.'s last year had 67 Receptions 926 yards 11 td's and Fasano is a good blocker..
  9. nashvillepatsfan

    nashvillepatsfan In the Starting Line-Up

    I would agree with him. Why would anyone think this is a weak position? We added something we havent had in a long while. Blocking TEs. :eek:
  10. patfanken

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    Those are good numbers, but you have to concider that those TEs were Chads BEST options. Even you'd admit you were weak at the WR position. Your TE's HAD to make catches. On the other had OUR WR had OVER 220 catches between the 3 of them. Where were the catches going to be there for a QB with Cassel's experience who wouldn't be looking for his 3rd or 4th options. So OUR TEs had about half that production, but its Understandable. I also noted that you neglected to individualized their catches, so I will assume that NEITHER hit the 40 mark. Something that ALL three of our TEs have done in the past.

    I contend that if we had swapped TEs, the production wouldn't have changed much. OUr guys would have had a lot more with Chad, and your guys would have had a lot less trying to share the ball with Moss or Welker. If Ted Ginn grows up and decides to become a professional, then it will be harder for your TE's to get the same production.
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  11. nashvillepatsfan

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    One must also consider that Cassel didnt know we had any TEs for half of the season :D
  12. RayClay

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    That was a little severe. I'd agree we haven't got the greatest value out of the position, and we formerly had a bit of a revolving door, but we always have pretty good talent there.

    Thomas is fine if not injured, though he might be done in that regard. Don't you love when a guy is way down the list of options, then gets injured and all of a sudden he's the Titanic? He made one stupid penalty.;)

    Anyway, we do need the TEs because there's no FB, I think the acquisitions were good and Watson is an average to good TE, just not probably worth what he'll ask $.

    If they keep trying to find the right TEs, they'll succeed. I only worry about positions where they don't seem to try to find guys they couldn't find on waivers.
  13. Smith21

    Smith21 Rookie

    maybe the problem is you wont admit your weakness's on offense.. T.e.'s and Rb's

    Considering the T.e.'s only caught 30 balls each.. doesnt mean to me that they were a Big focus on the offense..

    when the 3 main wide outs Averaged 55 catches each.. (yes 25 more, almost double) of what the T.e.'s caught so your points arnt very good..

    my point was miami has a better T.e. core than New england.. that was my only point..

    i could say the same about the T.e.'s in new england as you did about the Receivers in miami

    If Benjamin Watson Finally Grew Than it would be harder for wes welker to get the same production...
    and if the miami dolphins didnt have any tight ends.. than there receivers would of had 900 yards? to split between the 3 of them..
    considering we had an 800 yard receiver and to 600 yard receivers that wouldnt be so bad now would it??

    but we all know its not true and im typing stuff to be useless and make you hopefully realize how ingorant your post sounds..
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  14. reflexblue

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    I have to ask this Who is Glen Farley, i've never heard of him, how long has he been covering the Pats? I've been reading this site since '03 or '04 and i don't remeber ever reading any opinions by him before. He sounds new, and if hes new he sounds awfully cridical for being new. And i'm not talking soley about the TE position review.
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  15. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    He's been covering the Pats for several years if memory serves.
  16. spacecrime

    spacecrime Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    Pot, meet kettle. I understand you are a Fin Fan with the need to convince Patriot fans how wrong they are, so your posts need not be super logical, but just speaking in general football terms, you are mistaken.

    Unless you have an all-pro TE like Gonzales where the majority of big plays are designed for the TE position, the only time you have TEs or RBs catching significant passes conpared to WRs is when you WR corps is weak.

    Chicago has the same issue.

    There have been a few years when the Pats have had issues on offense. This year isn't one of them.

    Hope you enjoyed 2008. It was a magical season.
  17. bbaptiste

    bbaptiste Rookie

    Learn how to SPELL!!
  18. Pats726

    Pats726 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    I guess it has to do with persepctive..to this writer..it's a big weakness, to the Coach, it's a lot different. I will go with what the coach thinks and have opinions about the other.
  19. jmt57

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    Apparently Farley would have us believe that the only way to judge a tight end's worth is by his number of receptions; if he did not have a career high in catches last year then he needs to be replaced; and since 7th round draft picks did not turn in to pro bowlers that is proof that Belichick has no idea what he is doing in the draft.
  20. Fasano was their #1.
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