FARINELLA: Character is taking a back seat

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  1. SVN

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    FARINELLA: Character is taking a back seat - The Sun Chronicle Online - Sports

    here we go

    more fan bashing...
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    Well,in a way its true ...although I think the Hernandez thing is quite a bit overated, but the fact is for instance if Maroney was a Jet he would be considered here a bust 2 YEARS AGO and we would all laugh at the former #1 draft pick and if Gholston was a Patriot he would have needed another year or two to mature and is NOT a bust,as many people in here DO NOT CONSIDER a player on the Pats a bust until he leaves...then we hear that he sucks as long as he is wearing another jersey or not in the league anymore.

    The world of hypocritical and radical homer fans is everywhere in today's society,all 32 NFL teams have those types of fans and has to be accepted,unbiased fans are becoming rare today - its the way it is.

    Although once again back to the topic, the Hernandez issue is little to nothing IMO and the article is wasting its time with that issue unless he becomes Ricky Williams II

    It goes beyond rap sheets and character...if its not a player on your team he is worth ridiculing and won't amount to squat...thats the bottom line in today's world of sports.
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  3. mcsully

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    Pst MARK FARINELLA of the SUN CHRONICLE STAFF.. I hate to tell you but we've been doing this for 10 years.. Its nothing new.. What is new is I live in Foxboro and didn't know of the Sun Chronicle. Now that is breaking news!

    Oh and of course we would rip the Jets, Dolphins or Bills if they did this.. Its all part of bashing your opponent.. Hell we jumped on the S.Holmes story without knowing the entire story.. Its part of being fans..
  4. ALP

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    LOL, nope, gholston would be a bust no matter where he ended up by now...

    as for maroney...hes not a bust, he just wasnt supposed to be drafted in the 1st round....hes been an injury riddled yet above average back when healthy


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    My reason for mentioning him was solely for an example of what someone in here would say if Maroney had been drafted by the Jets in 2006 - This is more about character as the OP has posted so I will not highjack this thread for what it is and that is about Hernandez in particular.
  6. ALP

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    I think the OP is trying to say that this reporter is stupid in what hes saying...and no, one instance of testing positive NOT by the NFL would not really make me lament a selection even if it were the jets who drafted the kid....and i think most pats fans would also avoid that

    we have enough to discuss with gholstons bust potential, Ryan's mouth which is as big as his belly, cromarties infinite bloodline, holmes forced off planes and so on and so forth
  7. livinginthe past

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    Yeah, because from what I read on Patsfans, the Patriots fanbase is almost exclusively made up of homers who never ever second guess a multiple SB winning coach/organisation.

    If this douche-bag 'journalist' thinks its okay to equate the stuff Holmes has gotten upto (battered his girlfriend) with smoking a joint or three as a student then its not be taken seriously.
  8. DarrylS

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    Bet you they all masturbated at one time or another...
  9. Pat the Pats Fan

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    busted for pot once does not equal: date rape, girlfriend/wife battering, murder, carrying a loaded weapon into a nightclub, vehicular manslaughter, concealing evidence in a murder or fathering 8 kids with 8 different women.

    It's wrong, but I bet the author probably smoked a few doobies in college. But maybe the author "didn't inhale, or like it".

    Hell, I think it might be difficult to find 53 people that didn't.
  10. Tyler.Durden

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    The difference in the past has been the lockerroom and culture of winning. Winning is contageous, and keeps people on the straight and narrow. When things are going bad it all goes bad.
  11. ausbacker

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    This article doesn't concern me because I'm a Patriots fan. This article concerns me because it is garbage reporting which is drawing attention to the very thing the author is chastising fans over. How that idiot cannot see the hypocrisy of his own article is baffling.
  12. SpiderFox53

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    I do like how he is trying to equate ONE confirmed positive drug test with multiple counts of domestic violence. Those are clearly the same. :eek:

    I also like how all the alleged charges against Deaderick stem from the police's attempt to arrest him. What were they arresting him for? Why no charges for that? Seems suspicious to me.

    A majority of college kids end up breaking the law in some way (mostly for underage drinking). If it's a minor transgression and they accept responsibility for thier actions AND STAY ON THE CORRECT SIDE OF THE LAW from then on, I see no problem with the Patriots giving them a chance. If they do something while a Patriot, that's a different story.
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  13. Pats726

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    I agree with ausbacker it IS hypocritical....but that seems typical of many rags....
    As to Patsfanin Pa's remark about unbiased fans.....THAT is an oxymoron....
  14. fair catch fryar

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    This is pure bathroom material...and I don't mean for reading.
  15. shmessy

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    This guy has been covering the Patriots since 1977.

    That makes him at least 50 years old.

    And as far as his career trajectory has taken him is the Foxboro Sun Chronicle.

    I'd kind of expect him to be a bit angry, jealous and snarky towards the fans.
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  16. BSR

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    I assume you mean the hypocrisy of him circling the wagon around his colleague in the new media when chastizing fans for doing the same. It really is a worthless article. What is the point? To informs fans that they really should care about something they don't care about? Thank goodness we have sports reporters to act as our moral compass.
  17. fgssand

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    Farinella can rightfully take his place amongst his sportswriter band of brothers that yield their poison ink filled pens whenever they need a bump in readership. They are an ugly group of overly critical "lets get them" mentality that thrives around here.

    Where are the comparisons to other NFL franchises ( I would love him to put our seemingly mild, young college hi jinks up against those of what is found the Jets for example).

    Where is the counter to his article as far as what good things these kids do for the community once they get here?

    And that last inflammatory slam over spygate was totally meant to pick away at an old sore and could not be further from the truth - I would expect a Boston writer to be writing the truth about all of that, not fanning be fanning an old flame.

    I know - he got me to respond, so I guess it worked......then again did it?? I used to watch these guys (reporters & commentators) on all their shows, read all their articles, listed to sports talk all day long. I don't do that anymore. I am more into sports and Patriots than ever before, but . now, I look for information about the team and the sport only and make my own judgements.

    They can take their poison ink pens and mean spirited ratings driven agendas and stick 'em, for I am no longer watching or listening. I respect them about as much as I do politicians.......maybe even less.
  18. PatsFan37

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    Smoking dope was stupid because Hernandez was on track to be a pro, he knew the rules, and he violated them.

    Other than, I couldn't give a crap, it says nothing about his personal ethics whether he plays for the Patriots or the Jets.

    I feel the same way about that iPod incident with Holmes. Nothing to see here, move along.
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  19. JDSal45

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    I love how he talks about "players with a rap sheet". Of the incidents he mentions, Hernandez was never charged with anything. He smoked a J as a sophomore and admitted it. That is a "rap sheet" to a desperate reporter who knows his job will probably be eliminated very soon (and who not many read much anyways)?

    Cunningham was never charged with anything. Deaderick apparently had some type of resisting arrest charge (no battery alleged) that was dismissed as a youthful offender on community service. Big deal.

    Farinella wants to equate anything, even where the police weren't involved or no charges filed, even a single incident, to a "rap sheet" Yet these same types worship Drew Bledsoe. Was his Everclear incident which led to a fairly serious injury to a young female a "rap sheet"? That happened while he was a Patriot.

    Idiotic, pathetic article from a pathetic person who I only have read lately because its almost amazing to see someone desolve into literally petty insults at fans because he desperately knows nobody really gives a **** about his hack, awful reporting at a dying paper.

    J D Sal
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  20. Willie55

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    I am the same way. I used to watch all the sports shows, read all the newspapers and listen to all the sports radio stations non-stop. Now I can't remember the last time I did. There is no objective reporting out there. It is all ratings driven. Its not about the truth anymore.

    Case in point, I forget who posted it here but there was a video of Urban Meyer chastising a member of the media for inaccurate reporting (what a surprise). In the original video Meyer didn't use a vulgar or obscene word towards the reporter but when ESPN aired the video they inserted a censorship beep. And the members of the media wonder why nobody wants to talk to them.
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