Falcons sign Joe Horn

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  1. pats1

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  2. zippo59

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    He was really pissed to be released so it makes sense that he wanted to go within the division so he can try to stick it to them twice a year. But with Michael Vick at QB, you might have trouble with that, Joe.
  3. MrBigglesWorth

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    Thankyou for the NEW and INTRIGUING NEWS!!!!!!!
  4. salty

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    Oh this is terrible. Now we won't have a chance of landing a washed-up head case for a wide receiver.

    Wait no, Randy's still available...
  5. The 12th Man

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    Are you sure? I heard he actually asked to be released and the Saints agreed, kinda like Corey with us.
  6. denverpatsfan

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    Coulda Shoulda

    Hoping for a Stallworth, Moulds, Moss...
  7. koolaid23

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    stallworth, moss.....no no no moulds
  8. zippo59

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    From PFT:


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