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    Hey everyone. I used to post here but stopped the past little bit and was just a lurker on this board. Anyways, with the excitement of the past few days I felt it was time to "unretire" and post some of my thoughts on the recent activity.

    First of all, like everyone I am very excited about Thomas. He seems like a great fit here, and his versatility should be very valuable. We found reps for all of Colvin/Vrabel/McGinest, doing the same for with AD shouldn't be a problem - especially with both Vrabel and Adalius also taking a lot of reps inside. I'm also happy that the contract won't be one to hamper us in the future. Aging LB's can contribute in this system, and I expect AD to provide at least 3 Pro Bowl caliber years and then at least another year or two as a good capable starter.

    Brady was also a solid signing. A little expensive, but we know BB loves him and his blocking is great (pretty much as close to Graham's as you'll get). I really love the Morris signing. He isn't the refined runner Cory is, but he's a great ST player, he can catch the ball, he's a very good blocker, and can still pound the ball effectively. Obviously Maroney will be getting more carries this year, but I am fully confident in Morris if we need him. Then when you look at his cheap cost (less than 2 mil per), and this is probably my favorite of all the moves. So we lose a little in pure running ability, but we gain a lot in terms of cap room, athletic ability, versatility, and most importantly special teams.

    Now on to Welker. I think most will agree that a poison pill is located somewhere, and Wes will get about 3-4 mil per year. A lot of people are unhappy about giving up the pick. However, I think that this is a trade off BB is willing to make in order to secure a solid WR at a decent price. I bet Welker's actual contract will pale in comparison to the crazy deals Stallworth and Curtis will sign. As for the player, Welker fits what we do, and should be very effective working out of the slot. Don't expect 70 catches, Tom spreads it out, but he'll get 50 very effective and important grabs. I'm looking forward to seeing how many times Brady checks down immediately to Welker when the other team tries to blitz. This is where he'll prove his worth - 3rd down conversions and check downs. Losing the second hurts, but there is absolutely NO WAY any second round pick would be as productive in the next 2 years as Wes (if ever). Caldwell-Gaffney-Welker-Jackson isn't dominating, but it's much better than last year and should be very effective at picking on defensive weaknesses.

    All-in-all, I am ecstatic with the moves made. Each seems well thought-out and fills a particular role. I think we're done for the next little while until the market dries up a bit, but I still think we'll look to add a cheap vet ILB for the rotation. Most importantly, BB now has the leeway of having a set roster prior to the draft, and allowing him to take advantage of whatever value presents itself then.
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    Nice post - stick around this time :)

    I wouldn't be surprised if Belichick got a clean sweep on his FA so far. Once Miami doesn't match Welker I have a feeling that these four were the ones Belichick targeted and he was 4/4. We'll never know, but with Dillon and Graham gone and the LB and WR issues last year, I bet it's true.
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    Kas,Great post.What You wrote is spot on accurate. Thomas,Brady,Morris,and Welker all fit perfectly into the Patriots since They all display great versatility.I look at today as four guys for one 2nd Round Draft Pick,all of which will make big contributions to Patriots' Success. Is there anyone on this board who would not make that trade? Add to that, 2 players(Welker and Morris) who have intimate knowledge of Our Division and the other 2,Brady and Thomas who hurt by their absense ,2 other talented Conference Foes.These moves make perfect sense to Me.
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    Welcome back, and I agree, especially the part of the 3rd down conversions and check downs. As I type, hubby and I are watching the two Miami games from this past year. We're definetely getting two pretty good football players. Both blue collar guys. Don't know much about Brady though. Except that he's old.
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    Tommy's not that old, he's not even 30 yet :D
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    LOL, oh yeah, THAT Brady, forgot about that guy. 30 huh? too bad he's too old for my daughters.:p
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    Great post and your summary is very well expressed..

    please stick around and contribute some more.

    I do NOT think we are done however - I do think we may sit back and see what players are still around after the current feeding frenzy abates a bit.

    Having said that I just heard we are in contact with Stallworth, so who knows.....
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    Welcome back!

    Welcome, back, kas.

    I remember your earlier posts very well and wondered what had happened to you. You were one of the posters on the previous incarnation of the board whose posts I most enjoyed reading. Don't let the occasional playground quarrel put you off, please -- your thoughts are very welcome.
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    lol :rofl: :rofl:
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    Nice post kas. Enjoyed reading that.
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    Good post, I agree with everything you have said.. in BB we all trust, well most of us trust anyways.. these moves will only make this team that much stronger.
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    Who are you....Jake Plummer???????????
    Welcome back!...I remember you.........look forward to your posts here again.......good post......

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