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  1. KDPPatsfan85

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    I know that for training camp there is a 90 man roster, but i remember a couple months ago when the lockout started, I read somewhere that the final roster will be 56 instead of 53. Is that still happening?
  2. DaBruinz

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    If the roster expanded to 56, it's not been mentioned by any of the pundits..

    The only change I've seen is that the Game Day roster will be 46 players and the 3rd QB no longer has to be declared. They also removed the rules regarding the 3rd QB coming in prior to the 4th quarter as a result.
  3. jmt57

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    What DaBruinz said.

    If I recall correctly the idea of expanding to 56 rosters was being discussed primarily as something that might be put into place if or when the league went to an 18-game schedule. If a 56-man roster was indeed part of the new CBA, I would think that we surely would have heard somebody talk about that by now.
  4. Gwedd

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    Agreed, but I would still like to see it. In fact, I'd like to see the entire 53-man roster available for every game.
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