Excellent read from Dallas News on Kraft.

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  1. Va_Pats_Fan

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  2. The Gr8est

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    Excellent read, thanx for posting it.

    Although we all realize that Bob Kraft has been a great owner for the Pats, it's good to be reminded every now and then about just how much he did to keep the Pats from moving away and make them the model franchise that they are.
  3. patsox23

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    GREAT READ. Thanks for posting.
  4. shmessy

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    Typical Globie perspective:
    "There is no question the Sox are No. 1, but the Patriots have become 1A," said Bob Ryan, a Boston Globe sports columnist,........"
    but later in the article:
    "The net worth of a franchise cannot measure brand loyalty. But the bottom line indicates that the Patriots are at least the darlings of the bean counters beyond Boston.

    Forbes, the business magazine, lists the value of the Patriots at $1.2 billion, third in the NFL behind the Cowboys ($1.5 billion) and the Washington Redskins ($1.46 billion).

    The Red Sox are ranked third among major league teams with a value of $724 million. That's behind the New York Yankees ($1.2 billion) and New York Mets ($736 million). The Rangers rank 17th among baseball's 30 teams with a $365 million value, according to Forbes."

    then, even more telling:

    "Last Sunday afternoon offered another snapshot. The Patriots, hosting the Cleveland Browns at sold-out Gillette Stadium, earned a 25.1 television rating. The Red Sox, defeating the Los Angeles Angels to clinch their AL playoff series, earned a 22.1."

    Hello? The team that is worth half a billion dollars more (by Forbes estimation) and outrated the other team (playing a PLAYOFF game) by 3 points is "1A"??????????

    Maybe Mr. Ryan and the Globe are perpetuating a myth here.

    I guess if you say it often enough, people will accept it.
  5. Mike the Brit

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    You're so right, Shmessy!

    I guess that people who don't live in the area will find it difficult to credit, but, day after day, the Globe has been putting a picture of the Red Sox on its front page, producing a special supplement on the ALCS, and, today, heading up their "life-style" section with a piece on Curt Schilling's family life.

    But the worst of it for me is that, when Ryan or Shaughnessy or another of their dozens of baseball writers is forced to help out with a piece on the Patriots, you can bet that they will put in a reference to baseball by the end of the second paragraph.
  6. Tyler.Durden

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    Here Here, to the New England Patriots, the most popular team in Boston pro sports.
  7. kurtinelson

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    Hey Bob Ryan, who are these people who didn't think Belichick was good choice? I don't recall many people pissed about hiring BB over Dom Capers.
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  8. homerpatsfan

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    awesome read!!!! thanks
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