Exactly One Year Since the Brady Hit

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    ...Just thought I'd point this out that one year ago today (9/7/2008) we were all up in arms over the Bernard Pollard hit. Just yesterday, Pollard was waived by the Chiefs:

    Chiefs waived SS Bernard Pollard.
    Another failed Herm Edwards/Carl Peterson high pick, Pollard struggled in coverage throughout his three-year stint in K.C. He's an explosive hitter, though, and could help a team as an in-the-box safety. With only a $530,000 salary, Pollard shouldn't clear waivers. The Chiefs will now turn to Mike Brown as their full-time strong safety. We doubt he holds up for 12 games.

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    Now a healthy Brady (knock on wood) is geared up for what should be another outstanding Patriot season.
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