Evidence Of Another Election Theft??

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by All_Around_Brown, Jan 19, 2006.

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    Whether this is 100% true or not, I think it is a bi-partisan issue that needs to be taken up by Congress- either completely verifiable voting machines, or no voting machines. Without sound voting, democracy is dead.

  2. Pujo

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    Absolutely. If elections can't be trusted nobody wins, because today it might be the Republicans screwing with the votes, and tomorrow it might be Democrats. I think, pretty much, the only people who disagree are the ones who think their candidates are so much better that the ends justify the means. To them, somebody taking the country by force wouldn't be any worse - as long as it was the right person.
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  3. Harry Boy

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    Democrats say elections are stolen, "when they lose" :rocker:
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    The 1992 election was stolen, not really but let see if it sticks like the crap the DNC apologists throw.
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    It's amazing how you people can't even talk without pointing fingers. Let's just say, going forward, that things should be done so NOBODY steals elections. Now, who's going to be the first to try to change the subject and blame the Dems or the GOP for something. NEM? Harry Boy?

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