Every time I will play New England it will be a personal grudge-Shaun Phillips

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. SVN

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    did these guys forget the comments they made last yr after they won ? why doesnt anyone bring this up
  2. smg93

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    what an idiot!
  3. MrBigglesWorth

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    maybe they should bring back the merriman interview at halftime of the jets game.

    they're just trying to create the disrespect card.
  4. Mosi Moose

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    Did Phillips even play in this game? The only time I saw him he was limping around with 70 pounds of tape wrapped around his leg. He and his roid boy teammate talked smack all week. What goes around comes around baby.
  5. Fixit

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    Oh, no, a guy who refers to himself in the third person has made it personal. Woe is us.

    Bottom line: come in talking smack, and you lose, the Pats will mock you (I'm looking at you Freddie Mitchell). Come in and just friggin' play, and you lose, the Pats will shake your hand, pat you on the helmet, and show you what you showed them.

    You get what you give. Man, some of these NFL'ers are immature tools.
  6. SVN

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  7. World Champs 3X

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    They will chock just like they did yesterday
  8. Michael

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    Uhm, Shaun wasn't your head coach saying the Patriots had a good run but, it's over for them? I'm sure if the Chaaargas had won they would have just respectfully hugged the Patriots and single filed off the field :rolleyes:

    Don't like other teams celebrating on your field? Then don't lose on your field. How'd that not selling tix to anyone outside So Cal work for ya? The lights are out in your stadium :singing:
  9. skaIownsIyou

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    "The teams will play in Foxboro next season, and Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips said he can't wait.

    “Every time I will play New England it will be a personal grudge,” Phillips said. “That was very classless. . . . When we went in and beat their head in New England (last season), blew them out (41-17), we did nothing but compliment them and say they were a good team. We would never disrespect a team like that. We have class, and that's how classless individuals are. Shaun Phillips will have a grudge against them the rest of his career.”

    Added Phillips: “What it is, they didn't expect to win and they won, so they were excited.”"

    shaun phillips - sore loser..."we have class" but 2 sentences before he says "when we went in and beat their head in....blew them out...."

    if you had class, then you wouldnt have said "beat their head in new england, ...blew them out"

    stfu sore loser, you should be happy now that you have the week off....go cry some more, and get over yourself....****y ass punk talking in the 3rd person, no class talking in the 3rd person....means you think shaun phillips is above everyone else to talk in 3rd person
  10. skaIownsIyou

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    i didnt see anyone whining after the game about ocho cinqo's mocking the spasmodic, not to mention dumb as hell, merriman dance....is that because you won in the end? ohh its ok to mock you as long as you win the game, but if you lose the game, then its totally classless...right
  11. MrBigglesWorth

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    funny thing is although the chargers initially out-physicalled the pats. the pats outlasted them in the physicallity and proved they are the most physical team in the NFL
  12. betterthanthealternative

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    Great. Now they are referring to themselves in the third person. Just when I thought their act couldn't get any worse.
  13. Armen Da Pats Fan

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    Even Deion Sanders, the self-proclaimed king of trash talk, laughed at LT on the NFL Network Postgame Show.

    I paraphrasing here, but Deion basically said:

    "Come on, LaDanian. You're really going to cry about the Patriots dancing after a playoff win? Complain about your coach's playcalling or complain about the fact that you don't like losing, but DANCING?!?!"

    Then Steve Mariucci made a comment about LaDanian probably being frustrated and wishing he didn't say what he said in the morning and Deion came back with this:

    "Guys in the NFL mock each other's dances and routines all the time. People did it to me. It never bothered me."
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  14. stcjones

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    Very well said...I think that is the point here.....these guys (merriman,phillips) were talking junk all week leading up to this. Merriman kept doing that annoying little spastic dance after every play he made (which were not all that many really).....and I guess that is ok as far as Phillips is concerned....but not by me. that is taunting technically.......Well, if you do all that crap and get BEAT......you had better prepare to get it rubbed in your face by the Pats........I think you are right ...that if you come in classy and play hard and lose......The Pats will give them all the class and praise in the world....you come in like an *****....you go out treated like one......good points
  15. Patriot Missile

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    err!! You should play hard every game Mr Phillips. Maybe we played a little harder this time after Drayton Florences comments last year? Or was it your offensive coordinators?

    Oh I forgot,you guys are classy and those comments weren't caught on video? And we didn't have someone on our team who was actually in your locker room last season that told us what you really thought of us?

    You didn't hear our coaches talking at the end of the game saying something like...."Now that was a choke job!" or "Man,that head coach couldn't coach his way out of a paper bag!"

    It was a 20 second celebration after the end of a grueling game so get over it.
  16. F0nSY

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    He's an idiot but we won!!!!
  17. stcjones

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    I agree....great point.....early on they were definitely outplaying us...and were much more physical....as the game went on...and DEFINITELY noticeable towards the end of the game.....the Pats were MUCH more physical and took control of the game.........AWESOME!!! GO PATS!!!
  18. stcjones

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    sucks to have things on tape ...doesn't it shawn?
  19. stcjones

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    great friggin post.........
  20. scout

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    You want to talk about disrespect? Maybe it wasn't taunting, but going for it on two occasions on fourth down, 4 and 11, against the Patriots? Call it stupid play calling, but the bottom line is the coach did not respect that defense.

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