Even after a few days, 16-0 feels gooood!

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    Every year the talk starts off with who will go 16-0 and it all fizzles out by mid-season. This year we did it! It really feels amazing to do something no other team in the history of the league has ever done! I know that we have to win the whole thing - which we will but still - it gives me goosebumps whenever I think about 16-0 and how we did it. Brady to Moss - TD!!!!!

    Thank you PATS! (all PAT Haters must be having the worst time of their lives)!
  2. FrontSeven

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    I don't get much of a charge out of it compared to a SB victory. I rank it in the "nice" category.

    And I don't get much of a charge out of a SB victory compared to going someplace special with my daughter.
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    If the disaster happens and we lose in the playoffs I'll still go back and buy some 16-0 stuff. If we'd never won a SB it would be different but we have three SB and while a 4th is more important than 16-0, the first undefeated 16 game regular season adds tremendously to the resume of this regime.
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    My sentiments exactly....
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    I agree. If we lose in the playoffs, it will be a tremendous short term blow, but in time, 16-0 will just get lumped into the list of achievements of the BB/Brady era - regardless of whether we win the SB this season.

    That said, I'm so nervous about the playoffs and all the pressure and everything right now that as a fan, I didn't take too long to enjoy 16-0. More like a sigh of relief and pressing Reset on the stress levels as they slowly climb back up getting ready for some brutal playoff games.
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