ESPN's Top 25 'sleeper' UFA's

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by T-ShirtDynasty, Mar 10, 2006.

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    I like the top 50 list better. I wouldn't mind seeing #39 on the list, Koren Robinson get a chance here. The Vikings have the right to match the offer. I'd try to sign him and offer the Vikings a later round cookie pick to keep them happy.

    #42 on the list: Joe Jurevicius would be nice.

    MY FAVORITE IS KENNY WRIGHT...A good cap saver type of player.
    Kenny Wright another capable nickle or dime CB...tough kid. Wright would make a great Patriot as a backup. He's tough, good at changing routes and tackling. He's 6'1" and @210. Undrafted player who worked hard to get where he is...a BB type of guy.
    Draft a CB in rounds 1 or 2, moving Hobbs or Samuel back to nickle, add Wright and you have a more than decent secondary.

    Ben Leber for the right price would be a nice part-time/back-up MLB.

    Tommy Maddox if Flutie packs it in.
  3. pats60

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    i like FINNERAN
  4. PATSNUTme

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    I don't know if any of those guys are on BB radar screen.

    But, I do have a feeling that things are going to happen quickly.

    Remember three years ago within 10 mins apart they announced Rosey colvin and then Rodney. I just have the feeling something like that is going to happen again.
  5. Willie55

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    Me too........
  6. JoeSixPat

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    There's this guy Seymour and this guy Branch who I'm hoping to see that happen to... Keep your eye on both of them... I think they are keepers!
  7. Phokus

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    I say we go after najeh davenport...
  8. Pats726

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    Now that LenP says they are sleepers, the spotlight will be on them even more...there are a few I do like...Finneran is an interesting is Scott at LB. He might be one who can fill in there in time..don't know about all the intangibles that BB/SP that is hard. I wonder about others out there..not sleepers..not in the postlight..but will fall below the radar and get picked up by a team like NE?? I am sure there are some that they have teir eyes on.
    regarding how fast they act..does anyone think they will sign a player before Monday??

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