ESPN's Super Bowl Top 10

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Murphys95, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Murphys95

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    They selected Desmond Howard's kickoff return as one of the top ten "offensive plays" in a Super Bowl. Oops.

    Still, ESPN beats the tripe the NFL Network is spewing - which is namely HYPE.
  2. PatsSteve1

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    They had the 2003 Patriots/Panthers as the 6th best SB and the 2001 Patriots over Rams as the 2nd best. They gave the Jets over the Colts and Joe Namath's calling it as the #1 SB ever. I recall that was a big deal at the time and all but was hoping 2001 was picked as #1. I went to that one so I'm biased.
  3. marty

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    In the top 10 SB coaches - Lombardi is #1, BB is #2!
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  5. sarge

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    That was because ESPN's poll was rigged

    When you were done taking the poll, it listed what it called "your selections" and showed me as putting SB 3 first. I found out about it because many other fans complained about this.
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    it happen to me too

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