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    This David versus Goliath matchup pits the Patriots, who might be the best team in NFL history, against a Giants team that has made a miraculous run through the postseason.

    The Patriots have become even more balanced on offense in the postseason, which is a scary thought. McDaniels will continue to spread the field and create mismatches that Brady will look to exploit. Brady has an unbelievable understanding of the Patriots' offensive system and is especially dangerous out of the shotgun formation. Can Spagnuolo find a way to slow down this high-powered offense? The Giants will try to stay aggressive by attacking the interior of the Patriots' offensive line with multiple zone fire pressures.

    Gilbride will rely on the Giants' power rushing attack to set up Manning and the play-action attack. In order for the Giants to have a chance, Manning must be perfect against Belichick's defense, which will attack him with a few new wrinkles and different looks that try to force him into some game-changing mistakes.

    Also, look for special teams and hidden yardage to be huge in this game. Nevertheless, the Patriots have been the superior team all season long because they simply don't beat themselves and they will prevail to complete their pursuit of perfection.

    Prediction: Patriots 31, Giants 20
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