ESPN Post Draft Show on Pat's 4 tight ends

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by groundgame, May 2, 2006.

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    Tues. night 1 1/2 hr. show theorized that Pats taking two more tight ends in Saturday's draft partly due to Daniel Graham entering his contract year, as New England making advance plans in the event Graham is not in the mix within the next two years.
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    Thanks for the flag on the show.

    It amazes me how impossible it is for the pundits to get the concept of taking the highest value player which includes the critical probability that the player can actually start or be a solid player. In other words, get value from the draft pick rather than possibly wasting it if the player drafted for need at a position just isn't good enough at that point to make the team.

    It's actually belly-laugh amusing that even when they talk about drafting for best player they almost in the same breath begin immediately to frame it back in terms of need. I've never heard a pundit be able to stick with the best player outlook.

    That certainly doesn't say that when the Pats, for example, combine their horizontal position boards into their vertical board that if two players of different positions are truly evaluated as the same strength that they won't use relative need as a tie-breaker.

    That having been said, it seems obvious that there would be some exceptions for the Pats. We probably will never know how many exceptions, but the selection of Gostkowski in the 4th round probably is one.

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