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    Don't know if anyone posted this yet or not

    I liked this quote...

    "Principles are great until the fourth quarter against the Colts"

    ..:) how true. And there seems to be a real concern re: Maroney and his lack of 20 plus touches for 16 games and how this will all play out. I must admit somewhere in my mind I am also a bit concerned about this. At times last year though he was fantastic...if he can bring that to the majority of the games this year, all the better for the passing game.

    The one thing the article never touched on really was the O-line (i believe THE most imp part of NE's game). Not really a fantasy stat thing i guess.

    ...will be interesting to see what happens....can't wait.
  2. BHSL2

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    I'm not too worried about Maroney if he gets to 100% before the season. A rib injury is tough to run with. Wasn't he fine before it happen?
  3. Displaced - Fan

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    Maroney had off season surgery to repair shoulder damage. Has nothing to do with his rib, which is fine now.
  4. sebman2112

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    I still can't believe people are so worried about Maroney's subluxive shoulder. Bankart surgery is routine & common in football, and usually doesn't get this much attention.
  5. Ochmed Jones

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    I think Maroney's injury is a little more serious then we know and I can't see Maroney being available for the first week or so of TC.
  6. JoeSixPat

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    Everyone's a genius with 20/20 hindsight.

    I would have loved to have Branch finish out his contract - but he wanted the big payday and I question whether his "offer/demand" to play only if the team agreed not to tag him this year was sincere - since once the demand was made in public it could not have been accepted by the team. The actual decisions of the organization can't be faulted given the time at which they were made.

    As this article points out, the Patriots are just not a fantasy football team - but I think if they are looking at past WR touchdown production as a barometer of Moss's success, they might note that we've never had a talented 6'4" WR either.

    I'm not expecting Moss to get 80+ receptions - but I wouldn't be surprised by an average of 1 TD a game either.

    That's probably being too enthusiastic - but afterall - Dillon had 12 TDs last year and I can see Moss being a primary goaline option, as well as torching the Defense for a deep one here and there throughout the season.
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