ESPN: Moss must show leadership

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Sep 9, 2008.

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    Re: ESPN:Moss must show leadership

    Cassel at this point does not have what it takes to be a leader

    He is the quarterback who must MANAGE the team and just not make mistakes,run some nice screens and short passes and let the RBs do much more work then they are used to and if they do these things and do them successfully then the offense won't miss Brady as much as it seems.

    If you want a leader then yes,Moss is the guy on offense to lead and on defense Bruschi and Harrison are the guys - Cassel is there to help win at the main position - not a leader,not at this time .
  4. apple strudel

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    Doesn't he already show leadership by doing his job better than anybody else and being a captain? They're just singling out Moss to be needly. They have no insight into the locker-roon so they make things up.
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    Re: ESPN:Moss must show leadership

    I agree on the leader part. It will take Cassel executing the gameplan and making the right decisions on the field because the first step a leader must take is to build trust with his teammates that he will come through. Second, the team has to feel good around him. That means that Matt has to do a great job of communicating with his teammates both on and off the field so they know he has their back. Moss can step up and become even more of a leader, because I think he already is on this team, but ultimately the QB must be one of his teams leaders. I agree Cassel can't step right in and just assume he is the leader but he must over time become one of the leaders of this offense.
  7. stinkypete

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    Thank you. If the guy is a freaking captain, then he is leading just fine. ESPN blows.
  8. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

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    Moss needs to do a few things to show leadership.

    He must never every say "we would have won that game if Tommy hadn't gotten hurt" or "thats a pass Tom could have made" or anything of the like.

    And he must not stop running routes if we have losing streak.

    Other than that he just has to catch the balls Matt throws to him, that is enough leadership for me.
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    Fair article. This is a big test for Moss since it's likely that this season will be the weakest the Pats will have while he's on the team. Hopefully he doesn't decide to dog it or give up, because that will turn the team against him.

    The only part I disagree with is when the author speculates that Moss will see less deep balls - we'll still need to stretch the field even if we are playing conservatively. If anything, I wonder if Moss will have more success deep than he did last year since DBs will be expecting the run far more often.
  10. SVN

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    leadership and all is important but i think our team culture will handle it and if moss doesnt he will be told. these things get overrated when teams dont find reasons why they lost. pats have enough leadership starting with BB. they just need their QB now to step up and be efficient. moss just needs to do what bb tells him.
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