ESPN launches ESPY

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by patsgo, May 25, 2008.

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  1. patsgo

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    24 hours a day on spygate, hosts include wingo, estabrook, hodge, shula, king, tomase,wiley, schlereth,spector,dungy, walsh,tucker,ryan,mazzaretti,fish,porter, young, faulk, it begins tommorrow 5 27 08 on channel 210 on directv
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  2. ScottieC

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    That's great. I can't wait!!! :rolleyes:

    It seems like every time a National Scribe writes a story that Camera-gate was overblown and the competitive advantage was insignificant, ESPN takes that personally and has to do a story or competing article on how Evil BB is and how all the accomplishments of the Patriots are tainted.

    Obviously you are kidding with your post, but It's not out of the realm of possibilities considering those idiots in Bristol.

    I just want our guys to get on the field and back up last year with a serious beat down of the league. We have the schedule, even with the West Cost swing, to pull off a great season.

    Let the Joey Porters of the world sound off, they still don't realize the capabilities of the monster that they are poking at.
  3. NEPatriot

    NEPatriot Banned

    ESPN hate right there. 24 hours.? 1 word is HOLY COW.
  4. PatsFan24

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    someone should just.......well i will get in trouble if i post what i am thinking about that network
  5. Bella*chick

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    #12 Jersey

    This isn't serious, is it?
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