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Eric McHugh on Mincey...

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by patsox23, May 8, 2006.

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    PATRIOTS: Coaches see inside job for DE Mincey

    The Patriot Ledger

    So can Florida defensive end Jeremy Mincey become an outside linebacker for the New England Patriots?

    Urban Meyer says sure.

    Why is Meyer so sure?

    Because he thinks Bill Belichick is sure.

    ‘‘The thing that I admire about the (Patriots’) coaching staff there is that there are no ifs,’’ said Meyer, who coached the Gators to a 9-3 record and an Outback Bowl win in his first season. ‘‘The head man (Belichick) came down and worked (Mincey) out himself. That’s what I really admire about (Belichick). He was there. He watched film with (Mincey), he worked him out, he met with him, he didn’t rely on just a scout.

    ‘‘If there’s any question, it’s answered by the head football coach of the New England Patriots. I know there are other (coaches) who do that, but I’m not sure if they do it to the extent that Coach Belichick does.’’

    A transfer from Butler County Community College in Kansas, Mincey (6-3, 263) started all 24 games in his two seasons with the Gators. As a senior he had 62 tackles (No. 4 on the team), along with 3.5 sacks and two forced fumbles. He was a team captain and a second-team All-SEC selection.

    If he’s as good as Meyer says, Mincey, a sixth-round pick, will be in the mix to replace Willie McGinest on the Patriots’ perimeter.

    ‘‘He’s very fast,’’ Meyer said. ‘‘I think that’s why Coach (Belichick) is going to stand him up and play some outside linebacker. Very good pass-rusher. And he played great in the big games. Against Tennessee, Florida State and Georgia, our three big rivals, he played his best football.’’
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    The title implies the Patriots intend to move him to inside LB, but the article makes no mention of it. Perhaps it was just a poor choice of title.
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    #12 Jersey

    Yeah, horrible title - I think it means Belichick has inside information having worked him out and scouted him as opposed to relying on scouts' reports and looking at film.

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