EPIC FAIL on WWTBAM [warning: spoilers]

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    If you've ever wondered what would happen if someone missed the $1M question, here's your answer:

    YouTube - Epic Loss on the Finale of Millionaires 10th Anniversary

    Ironically, the victim is a grad of hahvahd law. :singing: :rofl:

    Normally, I'd empathize, but it's not like the audience was wrong about something they were supposed to know. . . .
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    Nothing like a little schadenfreude to brighten up your day. :D When the first guy to win a million on that show was on I also answered all those questions correctly (which is why I believe they made it easy so anyone with a fair amount of knowledge would win the mil and give them publicity) But, I didn't know the answer to that one. I definitely would have walked with the 500k. Another fine example of the fact I have never met or seen a Harvard Law grad that I considered smart.

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