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Discussion in 'The Help Desk' started by everlong, Feb 3, 2012.

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    When you're viewing the thread list and see one you want to read the options are start of the thread, a given page or last post. It would be really cool if another option was go to my last post in the thread. Some of these long threads I can't remember if I last posted on page 4 or 14 and I'd like to start reading at the post after mine having not checked the thread since then. Instead I have to wander through the post until I figure it out. Yes I can use the approximate time to narrow it down but even I'm not committing to memory the exact time.
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    In the interim I can offer two suggestions.

    1. Click on your own name.
    Click on Statistics
    Click on All Posts By (your name)
    That will take you to all your recent posts, from which you should be able to see your post that you are seeking.

    2. Click on the thread.
    In the upper right, click on Search This Thread, and then click on Advanced Search.
    On the right hand side you will see a box that says Search By User Name.
    Type in your user name and it will bring up links to every post you made in that thread.

    Hope that helps.
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    Just to follow up on JMT's post...

    3.) To the right of the thread title are things like ratings, last post, etc... If you go to replies, and click on the number, a window will pop up with the names of the various posters who've made replies in that thread. You can scroll down to your name and click on the number to the right of it (number of posts). That'll pull up all your posts in that thread, and you can click on the one you made last. That'll take you where you want to go.

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