Encouraging Signs From The Patriots Wide Receivers So Far

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    Encouraging Signs From The Patriots Wide Receivers So Far
    By: Russ Goldman

    Check out my thoughts on the Patriots Wide Receivers so far in Training Camp....

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    I am extremely encouraged by what I saw at the 4 practices I have attened.

    I am fully on the DA bandwagon and feel that he will be more than adequate replacement for Welker. Only concern here is health.

    I am fully convinced that Dobson and Boyce will be able to replace Lloyds production and they will do it in a more threatening manor that requires more attention from the D. They both should bring more of a deep threat and both bring more in terms of YAC. I also beleive that these two can make up for production given by the number 3 WRs last year.

    Edelman needs to get on the field and prove he can stay there but we know what he can do when he is healthy. I look at Edelman in two lights one is the back up to DA allowing us to be less focused on DAs health and as a guy who can help Dobson and Boyce picking up the production lost from Lloyd, Branch, the others filling the 3 role last year, and Edelmans own production from last year.

    This leaves Kenbrel, Jenkins, and Slater for positions 5 and 6. I would lean toward Kenbrel at this point but I am not that worried about the 5th receiver and Slater as the 6th is just a STer.

    I think DA can replace Wes and Dobson might not out produce Lloyd but I think he will be more for a defense to handle than Lloyd was. Then Boyce and Edelman should far outdo what we had at 3 and 4 last year. Leaving Kenbrel or Jenkins as the much needed depth (also an improvement on last year).

    WR1 Not better than last year on paper and likely the best we will do on the field is equal
    WR2 stats might not equal but this will be a much much more explosive player
    WR3 This should be hands down far more productive than last year for two reasons WR3 should be better than what we had last year and we should use 3 WRs more without Ahern present.
    WR4 again better than last year
    WR5 better than last year giving us better depth aleiviating some of the concern with the health of WR1.
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    Honestly, I think the Pats are going to have to end up cutting someone from this group who will immediately be snapped up by another team. I think the best chance of that not happening is if they cut Jenkins, as I don't know if anyone else is particularly high on him. But I think any of the young guys will be snagged.
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    To me, the most encouraging fact is that these kids are getting real reps.

    I've only been to one practice, SBB, but I walked away feeling the same way as you about these guys. DA is going to be very productive here, if healthy. Dobson was out my day, but Boyce and Thompkins largely impressed.

    The release of Jones & Hawkins tells me the team is fine with the top end of the WR depth chart as currently constituted. That's a great sign.

    It never got that far for most of our young wideouts in the past.

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